Baingan Ka Burta – North Indian Eggplant preparation

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Baingan Ka Burta – North Indian Eggplant preparation

I was all set to make ChakaraPongal and kootu, but we heard news of my husband’s aunt’s passing – so all festivities came to a grinding halt – So I decided to keep it simple – do I overuse that word or what! The awesome thing I learned during my visit to India was to make good phulkas – Just by watching mind you! So I made some phulkas (which I will blog next) and a side dish of Baingan ka burta.

I find the toasting of the Italian eggplant over open fire messy and here in the US you have to clean the mess yourself – So my I changed my approach just a tad, but did not compromise on the taste – that is a strict NO NO!

Here is how I went about it
In Words

1 Italian Eggplant (big) peeled
1 big red onion cut in slivers
2 Tomatoes (big round ones)
3small green chillies slivered (optional) Or

Optional 1 red chili

1-2 tsp of Suvaiyana North Indian Garam Masala (NIGM)

1 tsp of Suvaiyana Tadka Mix


Peel and cut the eggplant into small cubes and cook in microwave for about 5 minutes on high heat
Cut the tomatoes in cubes and the onions into long slivers

Add the tomatoes first and let them cook until its waters has evaporated

Add the onions and dribble some oil on it and allow this to cook and brown
Remove the cooked eggplant from the microwave and mash it with a masher
Add to the onions and tomatoes along with the required NIGM add the last bit of oil and let them all cook for a few more minutes until it turns a happy golden brown
Temper with Suvaiyana Tadka Mix
Garnish with crushed cilantro and serve with phulkas (chappatis)In Pictures

Saute the tomatoes

Add the onions

mash the cooked eggplant

mix together and cook

On your plate with soft phulkas :))

Serve Hot and with abundance of Love!


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January 16, 2011


  1. delicious and perfect combo…can I have that plate?…very tempting clicks

  2. My fav too.I microwave the whole eggplant and then peel the skin,mush it up and use it.

  3. totally inviting and loved its combo with phulkas! pass the plate-

  4. I made this dish tonight. It was delicious, my family loved it! Great recipe, thank you Priya!


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