Banana Fondue

Banana Fondue
This was a totally off the cuff recipe after our recent visit to a fondue place called Melting Pot. They serve 4 course meals and by the time you come to dessert, your stomach literally feels stretched and ready to burst! Given this, I felt bad that I could not do justice to the dessert which was creme brule with a host of choices to dip with

But, the good thing that came out of it was,me, who is not really a dessert person, was curious to try this on my own .. People, I am telling you, it is SO easy to put this together, that if after dinner you’ve got the nagging sweet tooth, you can whip it up in no time at all – Literally in 15 minutes, esp if you are not planning to photograph every step of the way. Now that takes time! :-) ..And here’s what I have to show – two ways of serving…

Milk Chocolate

Ingredients (for 2 people, roughly)
1 ripe banana (nut not over ripe or too spotty)
Your fondue melting pot or a small non-stick pot will work just fine
The following ingredients are for both white and milk chocolate fondues – in that split that amount between the 2 kinds
1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg (1/4 each)
1/2 teaspoon of cardamom (to bring an Indian element to it:-) but seriously more so for flavor

Ingredients at a glance

For the Milk Chocolate                                          
1/2 cup of milk or dark chocolate cubes
1/2 cup of Red or Port wine for dissolving the cubes (I used Porto since I like its full-bodied  flavor and sweetness)
                                                              Served on a platter
For the White Chocolate
1/2 cup of white chocolate drops
1/2 cup of white wine ( I used a local Virginian fruit wine)
Use your fondue pot or non-stick pan (small) keep in low heat
Do these one kind at a time, preferably white first so that they remain that way if you plan on using the same pan for the other kind
Pour the wine in
Quickly follow it up with the chocolate
when it starts melting and becoming liquidy, add the nutmeg and cardamom an stir in
 Keep your bananas cut and ready
Using a spoon, dip the banana piece into the melting chocolate
Twirl and flip so both sides are evenly covered
Remove carefully and arrange on serving plate
For additional glamor, sprinkle some cocoa powder or coffee power on the top. Place a fresh mint leaf and —Ta Da and Voila!
The second variation, less formal is to keep the chocolate melting in your melting pot in the dining table – sit around and dip away….
                                                                    Dip m’ eat from pot
This recipe I am sending to USmasala’s Fruit of the Month event.
Adios and g’bye for now

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December 4, 2010


  1. DO they have veggie options @ melting pot? banana fondue looks out of this world priya!

  2. loved it ! and great presentation /fab pics— winner all the way!

  3. looks wonderful!

  4. mouthwatering n so delicious..hru doing dear..thanks for stopping by and glad 2 knw abt u….following u

  5. oh my gosh. that look completely nailed it, this recipe is a keeper!!!
    thanks for sending this awesome recipe to my event:)

    US Masala


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