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Trying to rouse myself from yet another Rip Van Winkle-ish blogging stupor! So much time has passed since I last blogged, and I took motivation from Archana Thomas who posted on FB how she forced herself to get back to her blog – Thank you for the nudge, Arch!

I made a recipe that I’ve tried and tested over the past year and I made it for my family when they visited. It was a runaway hit. So I thought I’d add it into the annals of my online cookbook
Adai is a quintessential South Indian dish which is made with a combination of dale and rice soaked, ground and then spread out as crepes to be had crisp and brown along with a variety of sides, including avail- a yogurt based veggie stew, milagai podi – a spicy lentil and chili powder jaggery -unrefined sugar and so on!
To alleviate the tedium of the process, I put my dry Vitamix grinder to good use and cut the time short by 2-3 hours making it a 5 minute prep process.  Taaliyan plz :) tyvm
Recipe Ingredients makes about 16 adais.
1cup white Qunioa1 cup channa dal1cup moog dal (replacing moog dal with urad dal)1/2 cup of rice4 + cups of water (to get the consistency of dosa)2 red chilies1green chiliFresh cilantro choppedFresh Curry leaves1 Grated zucchini (optional)1 large purple onion chopped and sautéedSaltAsafetida (optional)oil to make the flats
Grind top 4 items in a dry grinder into a coarse powder
The chilies should be soaked separately and ground to add to the mix at a later time
Add 4 -5 cups of water to the dry ground flour and mix until it is a smooth thick flow when ladled
like pancake mix
Soak this for 2-3 hours
When ready to make, grind the chilies (and or ginger) and mix with the flour along with salt, curry leaves, and finely chopped cilantro, asafetida etc.
Since I am known to ensure the veggies play an active role in  any grain enhanced meal, I simply grate zucchini and stir it into the mix. As for the onion, chop it fine and in a tsp of oil fry until the rawness is lifted. Then add the to mix…
Now you’ve made yourself a good batter, proceed to heat your griddle and spread them flat- crispen on both sides and serve hot with your choice of side.
I had mine today with yogurt and strawberry jam.
NOTE: you can make the powder mix and keep handy to use any time.
Enjoy and I hope the blogging trend will continue

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April 14, 2015

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