Broiled Burgers with Beets, Oats and Acorn Squash

Broiled Burgers with Beets, Oats and Acorn Squash
I was think healthy and I was thinking fast foods and I was thinking “I have that acorn sqaush sitting in my fridge for over 2 weeks and I must cook it today!” And I was thinking too that I must thank Farmville for introducing me to some incredible veggies – growing them on a virtual farm actually made me go out and buy some these and i realize what I’ve been missing out on – Acorn Squash is one of them – Hey, Farmville has amounted to something ;-))
Now that I’ve spilled all my thoughts to you, let me get on with this new recipe – Another no oil recipe, except to grease the pan – I feel a deep sense of achievement every time I don’t need to use much oil :-)In Words
1 small acorn squash (you can sub this with sweet potatoes or potatoes or any other veggie available. Even peas and carrots will work well
2 cans of red beets drained / or 2 fresh beets, peeled, boiled and drained
Bread Crumbs
Parmesan cheese
1 red onion
3-5 green chillies (not for the faint-hearted)
curry leaves
2 teaspoons curry powder
Oil for greasing the pan

Cut and boil the squash so that it can be squishy
Drain the beets and keep
In a bowl mash the two veggies
Add some of the onions and the chillies and curry leaves
1 teaspoon of curry powder and salt mixed in with the veggies
Add 1 tbs of oats and mix in

In a plate, take a handful of instant oats and bread crumbs
Add a tbs of dry parmesan cheese
Some salt
1 tsp of curry powder

Grease the pan and keep ready

Now make some ball with the veggies and drop it into the plate with the oats mix roll it around to coat the ball and then gently flatten and transfer to greased pan
Repeat until all are ready

Broil for 15 minutes on high. Flip it over and broil for a couple of minutes.
You have yourself some fine veggie burgers, perfectly healthy, with 0 guilt – how about that?!!

Serving tip: These can be stand alone patties had with ketchup or mint/coriander chutney, lemon-squeezed onions OR
find yourself some Sara Lee 100 calorie flat buns, whole grain, toast them in the toaster – add Mayo (or not) some ketchup and some of onions and enjoy like burger.

In Pictures

Acorn Squash

with beats and oats

making the patties

the oats and breadcrumb mix

roll and cover over patties


and out, ready!

daughter posing with a burger


the 100 calorie flat rounds I use

dress it up with ktechup, mayo or your good stuff

Another one ready for biting into :)

I am kick-starting my event with this dish and also entering this also for Priya of Easy n Tasty recipes CWF event


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December 15, 2010


  1. You're so funny priya about farmville! Wonderful burgers!

  2. Wow that great, such a healthy burger..Truly inviting, thanks for sending to CWF..

  3. Comment from FB: Edibell Pizzani Stone:
    wow!! How fantastically creative!!

  4. :)) was addicted to farmville once upon a time, i know what u mean… very creative patty between the sandwich thins!

  5. That's a wholesome burger – healthy and yummy!

  6. Thats really an interesting recipe! I was addicted to farmville once upon a time! Will surely send a few entries to ur event..

  7. Thanks for dropping by Lite Bite, would love to be a part of your event. The burger looks delicious and healthy. Best wishes.

    Lite Bite

  8. omg– this one is relly good and yup farmville did introduce me to some veggies– though stopped playing now for some time !

  9. Wholesome and healthy burgers..superb.

  10. Hi dear, thanks for ur interest for hosting CWS, am very glad and reserved u september 2011..If u have any doubt regarding the event, dont hesitate to contact me either by mail or by leaving comments, btw are u from pondicherry??..coz am from Pondicherry and living rite now in Paris..have a great day.

  11. The addition of oats to something like Burger is wonderful – i will sneak some oats next time i make veggie burgers :)

    You have a great blog with wonderful collection of recipes! Glad to follow you!



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