Chugging towards Recipe # 50

Chugging towards Recipe # 50
I am excited to say that 5 recipes more and I will be at my 50th recipe post!  I am planning to hustle these recipes (already drafted) over the next few days since we are leaving on our trip to India. In the meantime, the cold cough, sore throat saga continues – now the little one is all stuffed up, again! India seems more appealing by the minute.. want to run away from this cold and all the bugs that come with it!
Here are what’s in the pipeline
Dhoklas – Okie Dokies
Strawberry Raita
Pad Thai
Zealously Zucchini along with
Quinoa pasta in pink sauce
Cocktail veggies&paneer in time for Christmas

Don’t know which to make my 50th – Ideas are welcome – If I don’t hear back, I will let my gut guide me :-) I am leaning towards 2, 3 or 5 ….


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December 7, 2010


  1. Congratulations!! Looking forward to your recipe for pad thai.

  2. Congrats, keep it up


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