Clementine Orange Rasam/ Tradional Indian tomato-lentil soup with a hint of clementine

Clementine Orange Rasam/ Tradional Indian tomato-lentil soup with a hint of clementine
Oh My darling, Oh my darling, Oh my darling clementine season is upon us :)) The crates are home, esp with my son popping one in each time he passes the kitchen counter – But i had my first taste of it in the rasam tonight and I must confess (with modestly) that this was a superb impulse –

E-How describes Clementine oranges a cross between an orange and a mandarin orange. They were crossbred to be seedless, sweet and easy to peel. It is pretty much like what we in India referred to as loose jackets (with perhaps tighter jacket or santras and no seeds) Although on second thoughts, I think loose jackets could be tangerines

It really tasted amazing and I wish some of my blogger friends or even follower friends lived by me to taste it :))

1 can of diced tomato/tomato puree
1/4 cup of finely cooked and mashed toor dal (split pea)
the pulp of 1 clementine orane
2 table spoons of Suvaiyana rasam powder (or other)
cilantro to garnish
Ghee or butter to sautee with
Mustard seeds, cumin seeds and curry leaves to sautee with
If you are using diced tomatoes, put in the blender along with the rasam powder and the dal and turn it for a minute to blend them together
Put in a deep pot and allow the blend to come to boil
Add salt
In a small pan, palce the ghee or butter – wait for it to heat and then pop the cumin and mustard seeds and the curry leaves.
Pour into the rasam or soup and swtich off the stove.
Peel the orange and run it in the blender until it is juicy
Pour into Rasam and serve HOT
As with lemon rasam, do not heat after – I have no proof of what might, since the pot was cleaned out :)
Love to please and tease your tastebuds
Sending this to Veggie Hut’s winter warmers event!


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January 26, 2011


  1. Rasam with clementines look so gorgeous dear.

  2. What a great idea,hats off!

  3. tht's a swell idea ! rasam must have rocked !

  4. Lovely n tangy rasam…..looks really yummy..

  5. That's one good rasam.I would never have thought to use clementine.Thanks for stopping by my blog.I loved your blog too.You do have yummy and innovative recipes.Waiting for yummy recipes from you.

  6. Wow what a lovely dish. A friend of mine served me some rasam with pineapple juice and it was delicious!! I am sure this one must taste great too!

  7. Very unique rasam priya,thanks for sharing..

  8. This is new to me and what an innovative idea…superb..

  9. I love this new twist here, oranges are my all time fav flavour, looks good slurp :) and thanks for stopping by and for ur kind words of appreciation …love to be here too :)

  10. yummy, unique, impressive! I'd love to try this dish!

  11. Nice idea! rasam looks yummy!

  12. Hi priya today i bumped into your blog and having a look you have such a delicious and health conscious recipes great yar….lovely this orange rasam really sounds good should try that..thanks for sharing and i am your new follower now.

  13. Wow! Rasam with orange is very innovative, definitely a comfort food. Thank you for linking this fabulous recipe with Any One Can Cook :)


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