Colorful Veggie Stir Fry – Indian Chinese Style

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Colorful Veggie Stir Fry – Indian Chinese Style
Some days the sun shines brilliantly and makes for the best day to click some good pictures – especially of food – A day like that presented itself and I was beside myself with joy since I had invited some friends over for lunch and I was planning on making this veggie stir fry. Colorful veggies can be a big turn on for the gastric juices and a visual treat. And I hope to achieve this with this recipe. For those who see my FB page, you will have seen this as my “cover photo” and on the slide above on my homepage :)
This is an all too simple recipe, the only hard or interesting part (depending on how you view it) is the veggie cutting – I made this a fun chore and you can see the result of it in the pictures below.  A few ingredients to spice it up and I was good to go.
Here now is my recipe
Veggies of your choice
Hot stir fry sauce
1tsp Sambar powder
1 tsp or squirt of Sirarcha sauce
1tbsp Ginger
1tbsp Garlic
1tsp sesame seeds
1tsp of Asian spices
Nuts (optional)
1tbsp +2tsp of sesame oil
Fresh green Thyme to garnish (can use basil or other too)
Heat 1tbsp oil
Add the garlic and ginger and sesame seeds
Roast till garlic is golden
Add the chopped veggies
Add all the spice powders – The sambar powder infuses a fine Indian aroma to this dish while the Asian Spices confirms that it is indeed a Chinese dish with an Indian twist JThe addition of Potatoes also lends some Indianness to the dish.
NOTE: If you are using potatoes, like I did, you may want to cook it for a few minutes in the microwave or steam them ahead of time for a 3-4 minutes
Cook on high flame stirring/tossing them
Once they are tender, but still crisp, add the sauce
IMPORTANT – The veggies should be Al dente and retain their shapes and their own individual flavors – that’s what makes this dish special
Serve HOT Over noodles or as a side with Jasmine Rice J
Serving with Whole Masoor dal “soup” & Pappads
This is my week 3 Cuisine of the month at AGC posting- Do check out my co-AGCians recipes – AnushaJayanthi,KaviPriya, RadhikaRoshni and Veena

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September 27, 2012


  1. I love the picture of vibrant julienne cut veggies. I love stir fry's goes well with any dish. Jayanthi(

  2. Nice vibrant colors !! lovely and inviting fry !!

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  6. Colorful pic indeed! Simple and flavorful stirfry Priya.

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  11. Delicious stir fry very colorful and lot of veggies.

  12. The best part for me was the well cut and arranged veggies.. it takes a lot of patience.. I am a chop and drop person… i put the pan on the stove and pour oil and then run to the pantry looking for onions :-) the dish looks simply awesome

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    PS: I totally love the cutlery, those plates are awesome.

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  18. This is a fabulous preparation ! Delicious.


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