Cucumber Raita

Cucumber Raita

This is not a dish to be taken lightly, simple though it may seem to make. You need the perfect texture of yogurt, and sweet, tender and non-bitter cucumbers to make the right kind of raita. You need that 1 perfect chili that will spice it up just so and you need that perfect dash of salt that makes you want to crave this popular side dish. Raita is a dish that is served on the side with spicy pulaos or biryanis to cool your system even as you spice it up. South India has an equivalent for this called thayir pachadi.

Things that can go wrong and prevent you for making that perfect raita
you can make it
too watery (juice from the cuke)
too thick
use a yogurt that is gooey
make it too sour
over salt
make it too spicy – defeating the purpose of it
cucumbers can be too seedy so much so you miss the raita for the seeds!
and so on…you can tell I’ve seen them all which has really put me off raita quite a bit, unless I make it myself (sorry to sound vain, but it is the truth)

2cups of Danon plain yogurt (do not use the whey)3-4 small sweet seedless cucumbers1 pinch of salt1 green chili cut big mint/ curry leaf/sprig to garnish


Add a pinch of salt and whip the yogurt into a smooth consistencyGrate your cucmberSqueeze all the excess juice out of it (you can drink it or use as an eye pack)Add to the yogurt and mix in wellAdd chopped chili and stir inPlace the mint on the raita for garnish and chill until ready to serve. (I used tender curry leaves from my plant for this – it smelt so delicious)NOTE: I have also used some Patatas Bravas and a Tzatziki spice mixes from Oil & Vinegar for decoration on top – they also lend beautiful flavors to the raita


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October 9, 2012


  1. my first raita.. Nice and refreshing raita

  2. Nice, cooling & creamy raita!! And love the new look of the site 😉
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  3. would love to try it with biriyani..

  4. looks absolutely inviting and tempting.. very delicious recipe dear..

  5. Love this raitha with aloo paratha. yum

  6. Yummy and healthy!!

  7. Love this raita very much,well explained and beautifully done.

  8. Great to each with any dish. Love cucumber raita.

  9. Wonderful tips for perfect raita. Cucumber is always so refreshing.

  10. This is delicious and creamy, and so quick and easy to make!! yet perfect with mixed rice..

  11. Curd is one of my all time fav thing. Cucumber raita is onething with curd I totally love. Delicious.


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