Daily dose of fruits smoothie – Drink Up!

Daily dose of fruits smoothie – Drink Up!
Ever since we got out Vitamix, which i want to say is about 4 years, at least, we have had the morning ritual of fruit smoothies going – I remember clearly, we were in Queenstown, NZ and every morning, we would walk down the main drag and there was this incredible smoothie/fresh juice place. The Fruits and veggies looked SO fresh and SO inviting and tasted SO delicious that we came back and as providence would have it, Sam’s Club was having a promo on Vitamix, we grabbed one right away! I must say that the Vitamix has been the best addition to my kitchen helping me grind idli batter, giving me smoothies, lassies, chutneys, thogayals, soups  –you name it..Vitamix, I LOVE you!  But Any blender will do the trick!

Going back to the smoothie, I also learned,  from the several health shows I watch and health magazines and websites, to add a flax seed powder and wheat germs to the smoothie. We also add some Gojji  berries for good measure (these are available like dried raisins and are a great snack to have around as well) I found out too that Gojji berries are none other than our Yellandha Pazhams!!! Fancy that :)) Does that bring back the fond memories of LR Eshwari’s crooning of that fruit?? yellandha payeh… It did for me:)) besides, my dear sister who does one helluva an imitation of LRE never lets me forget any of her songs…
But seriously the beauty is they blend in so well, unless you want to be fussy about it, it is totally unnoticeable. Now I present your 5 servings of fruits a day in one delicious glass – Drink up!

Here is the dope on Wheat Germ and flaxseed

Wheat Germ Can Be Used As A Natural Supplement
As with vitamin supplements, wheat germ can be used in the same way, but in a natural form.
Wheat germ is a good source of:
* B vitamins such as folate, niacin, thiamin, and vitamin B6
* Calcium
* Complex carbs
* Fiber
* Iron
* Magnesium
* Manganese
* Omega-3 fatty acids
* Phosphorous
* Potassium
* Protein
* Selenium
* Vitamin E
* Zinc
Ingredients: All the fruits you like, or are available (frozen or fresh)+ 1 tbs of Wheat germ + 1Tbl spoon of Flaxseed powder + 1 Table spoon of Gojji berries – Blended. –
NOTE: If your fruits are too sour and not sweet enough, add a couple of spoons of brown sugar or sugar substitute…You want to enjoy what you drink even if you’re doing it to get your 5 servings of fruits
Tip for moms with little ones who don’t like their fruits – Blend the fruits and add their oatmeal or rice cereal and feed. MY little one has practically been raised on this since she started on solid foods.
Here’s to a healthy start to your days :) Signing off with Love until I blog about my veggie smoothie :)

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January 27, 2011


  1. Best breakfast thing ever!! I think all of my comments sound the same now!!!! :-)

  2. Lovely smoothie. You are so right about Vitamix, any blender will do but with Vitamix you don't have to discard the fiber as it blends everything perfectly.

  3. Healthy smoothie… Perfect for a power packed breakfast…

  4. What a great way to "beef up" a fruit smoothie. Healthy and delicious!

  5. Didn;t know our ellandha pazham had so much nutrients in it!

  6. smoothie looks yum…healthy way to use wheat germ…
    thnx for visiting my blog and following..luved ur space too :))

  7. Healthy smoothie, beautiful drink to kick start a day..

  8. Delicious and healthy smoothie :) U have wondeful and delicious space :) Thanks for joining my Kitchen :)

  9. Healthy smoothie…I'd love to have them too! 😀

  10. Hearty, wholesome and filling smoothie..perfect to kick start your day :)

    US Masala

  11. Have to give this the 2 thumbs up! Have had it – it's super and quite filling too!

  12. wow great nice Info. One can get so much knowledge from it.

  13. wow great nice Info. One can get so much knowledge from it.

  14. Wow, that's definitely the healthiest entry to Breakfast Club this month, I love the science bit!
    Thanks for taking part.

  15. Thanks priya,for stopping by my site and leaving a wonderful comment.Happily following you.What a fresh start to the day with a delicious and nutritious smoothie!


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