Deviled Eggs for Easter

Deviled Eggs for Easter
Here we go again – One more Avant Garde recipe for the cookies  and this one is a simple yet delicious picnic, breakfast or anytime snack idea ….. if you like eggs – Deviled eggs are taking boiled eggs to the next level of yum with some Mayonnaise, at the risk of be redundant – egg on egg – iykwim!
Add some pepper to it and voila – a perfect pop-into-your-mouth hors d’oeuvre! The idea presented itself when my little one came back home with some painted boiled eggs she made at school.


  • Boil the eggs hard
  • Cut in two halves smear with Mayo
  • Top with freshly ground pepper
  • Eat

Happy Happy Easter to all and safe Spring Break

Will be back with some jams soon


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March 29, 2013


  1. Super easy super quick and super recipe for Easter PM

  2. cute little bunnies there and yummy eggs.

  3. The eggs look soo cute and a nice deviled eggs recipe!

  4. First time here..lovely space…Glad to follow u :)


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