Fast Food NOT Fat Food 2011 (March 1 – April 15)

It’s back, bigger and better – here is your chance to present a healthier version of your favorite fast foods – Take a fast food, in fact your most favorite and make a healthy version of it – If it’s a non-veg item, kindly make a veggie, healthy version of it –

Event Rules

Only vegetarian entriesA healthy version does NOT mean a less appealing versionUp to 3 entries – all blogged during this periodRecipe can be your new innovative concoction orIt could be a recipe that you have been meaning to try out or have bookmarked One sentence at least to explain how your recipe is healthier is a MUSTSign-up via google connect not required but appreciated JUse the Logo on your blog and link back to my blogPlease use Linky tool below to submit entry– Please forward to your other blogger friends who may be interested in participating – Non bloggers welcome ….
Looking forward to a FAT Volume of participation :-))))))


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March 1, 2011


  1. Nice event, happy hosting.

  2. Nice event Priya..sure will try to send some..

  3. yippee….me first… :))

  4. linked my entry..

  5. HI Priya,

    Nice Hosting again.. I have linked u my entry, Veggie Tofu Wrap. Check it out.

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  6. hey i was trying to upload my pic but it was showing some problem…but later it uploaded twice..i was trying to delete one but not able to …if u can.. plz delete one entry..i.e. chunky masala potato

  7. HI Priya…I am having trouble uploading!…I will try again later

  8. Hey Priya,

    Participated in ur event :)

    My entry is : Tasty Onion Bhakri.


  9. What a great event! Thanks for hosting!

  10. Priya just ignore my previous comment, I added your logo to Almond Flour Scone post.

  11. Hi Priya! Thanks for the reminder I have lost touch with all events!

    Anyway I have added corn toast.

  12. Hi,

    I have changed the entry's name "Biscuit sandwich" to Veggi toppings but the url is same.


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