Four-flour-Medley Masala Bread

Four-flour-Medley Masala Bread
I bought some Corn flour and Amaranth flour from Whole Foods and along with it an interesting looking Coconut flour – never heard of that one before – It is not coconut powder or powdered coconut milk, guys – this is, I quote, a high source of fiber and protein and a good alternative to wheat if you want gluten-free. It is sort of pale brown/yellow in color almost like they have ground the coconut hair (if you understand what I mean) to get the fiber into it – needless to say you will see me experimenting a lot more with this new friend J
Four Flou Medley Masala Bread 1
So where do I begin making this masala bread for which I certainly did NOT want to use any eggs? I googled corn bread and even hit our blogger friend and my name sake Priya of easy and tasty recipes post – She had made corn bread with quinoa, another friend of this family …  but no recipes with amaranth and coconut flour which I simply needed to use – I had bought it after all. Thus the experiment began. I remembered reading my guest Jan’s explanation of how eggs are substituted by baking soda and baking powder and buttermilk which I know is a natural leavening agent.
So here is what I did …
1 cup Corn flour
½ cup amaranth
½ coconut flour
½ multi-grain flour (bought from Indian store)

¼ cup salted butter melted
1tsp baking soda
1tsp baking powder
2 cups of milk
½ cup buttermilt
2 tbsp honey
1tsp salt
1 tbsp dried rosemary- crushed
1 medium sized jalapeno (optional)
1 tsp of olive oil for lightly frying the jalapeno
1tsp of oil/butter for greasing the pan/pans
Mix in a bowl the flours, baking soda & powder, rosemary and salt
In another bowl, mix milk, buttermilk, honey
First dribble the melted butter over the flour and knead in gently with hand, like you would pizza or chappati dough
Get with an electric whisk gently whisk the flour while pouring the milk mix in.
When it came to consistency, I was not too sure how flowing it should be, but in walks my daughter from school as I was preparing it and asked me if I was making bread – I was wondering aloud about the texture and she said, that seems just right for bread, ma – (hmm wonder how she knows ;))) That was all the reassurance I needed at that point
In a small pan, heat the tsp of oil and lightly fry the jalapeno to take away its raw edge.
Set oven to 400
Grease your pan/pans (i made two batches one with the jalapenos and one without for my little one) Mix in with the batter
Scoop half the batter on the pan and level it
Cook for about 15-17 minutes – check with toothpick at around 15 mins to see if it is done – keep longer if necessary.
Cut and serve with jam, hot butter or cream cheese…makes for a relatively healthy after-school snack for your kids and a good snack with a hot cuppa chai J
I really LOVE doing this!!
This goes as an entry for my ongoing blog event Fast Food NOT Fat Food (not entered for award contest, naturally)

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March 6, 2011


  1. hi Priya,
    really a unique, healthy and tasty bread.
    You can send it to my event "Only Original recipes" if you like to.

  2. This is the first time I have come across a recipe with such interesting blend of flours. Would love to try this recipe of yours if I can lay my hands on the Amarnath leaves flour and coconut flour :)

  3. Four flour bread sounds different n looks yummy..
    By the way , what the fourth ingredient- multi-grain bread?

  4. wow priya multi flavoured and healthy bread:)
    very innovative dear:) Hope it shud be soooo tasty :)

  5. Never heard of coconut flour..but i guess I can still try this out!

  6. Looks like you experiment has come out great!!!! Looks Delicious!!!

  7. I am glad that you have posted this bread. There are so many people with allergies these days and its always challenging when kids are involved. They constantly want a perfect looking pizza and its easy to create anything with white flour or wheat, but to use alternative flour and create a different bread is wonderful. Good job.

  8. nice recipe…..intrested in baking…tooo

  9. Wow.. thats wonderful and healthy.. u are so creative and so is ur daughter.. she knew the consistency by seeing it..amazing :)
    loved the healthy bread :)

  10. Never heard about coconut flour, thats definitely a fabulous and yummy masala bread, u have loads of creativity Priya, thanks for sharing this fabulous bread..

  11. Nice way of using all the flours. Definitely healthy and delicious.

  12. Priya, I always thought coconut flour is the finest powder of the kernel. Then what is it, how is it prepared? Will have to find it out..bread looks great..What our Priya Suresh doesn't have something!!!..I am sure she is off to the whole of paris to source amarnath and coconut flour!..LOL

  13. I like the addition of different health ingredients. Unique recipe.

  14. Interesting recipe and bread look so soft priya.Amarnath and coconut flour sounds very interesting as every body said never heard of coconut flour.

  15. i can call it a successful experiment. looks so good. thanks for sharing

  16. Oh wow very clever!
    im so glad your experiment turned out a success!

    your presentation for your Masala bread looks terrific as well~

  17. What an amazing click, looks beautiful and yum!

  18. wow!!what an innovation. Very interesting and love the clicks too

  19. BEST Cornbread ever — couldn't stop taking pieces from the plate –AMAZING with JAM!!!!!!! OMG!!


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