Garden Fresh Salsa

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Garden Fresh Salsa
When you have a garden that gives you the freshest ingredients to make the finest salsa, I say, heck why not make the most of it! :) The garden truly is on its way out with the chill of Autumn setting in. Nevertheless that chilies are putting out their last produce for the season as are the tomatoes. The cilantro is still going strong although not for much longer, perhaps and the bell peppers are finally making an appearance. So whatchya waiting for? That’s right! Get that salsa made already, will you?!
Chop up some onions and garlic and squeeze some fresh lime juice into the above ingredients and a smidgeon of salt and voila – And what is the secret ingredient? Habanero peppers of course :)
A quarter goes a looooooooong way so be judicious in your use of this dynamite pepper


  • 2- 3 medium sized tomaotes
  • 1 small onion
  • 1/2 cup of fresh cilantro
  • 1/2 habanero
  • 1/2 bell pepper
  • 2cloves of fresh garlic1-
  • 2 tsp of lime/lemon juice
  • salt


Chop all ingredients finely if you do not have a mixer that can make the salsa for youOtherwise, chop roughly and put in your vitamix or magic bullet and let it go until it is blended but retains some textureRefrigerate immediately if you are not using right away

NOTE: this tastes best fresh or made half an hour before use – keep refrigerated for best taste.

Enjoy amigos!


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October 27, 2012


  1. gardern fresh produce and a hot looking salsa; killer combo indeed priya. lovvvvvvvvvve it

  2. Love this salasa… Nice pic

  3. Yummy and love to have it with those crisp tortilla chips.

  4. looks mouthwatering…

  5. wow! looks yum! what a healthy dish! loved it

  6. Fantastic and super fresh salsa..Delicious.

  7. Even though I love heat, I'm not sure I can handle the Habanero—the killer pepper. Your salsa looks very refreshing and colorful must try with fingerhot peppers!

  8. I m jealous.. the green monster is going to come out and get you sometime for that lovely green green garden that you have Priya. I can just imagine how delicious this must have tasted

  9. Ooh…its cold out here and all I want is the bowl of that salsa and chips…I'll be one happy person. I know you are right about Habanero, learnt it the hard way!Jayanthi(

  10. I want my own vegetables in my own garden now! :)

  11. lovely makeover at your space, Priya ! Visiting you after a long time :) and nice to know you have moved to your own domain !!

    Healthy and seriously delicious Salsa there :)

  12. love love the flavours here.


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