Guest Hosting COOKING WITH SEEDS -QUINOA or Millet For Friends in india

Guest Hosting COOKING WITH SEEDS -QUINOA or Millet For Friends in india
Today, it is my pleasure to announce that I am guest hosting another seed event, initiated by star blogger Priya Suresh of Priyas Easy n Tasty Recipes. This event is simply called Cooking with Seeds and I have chosen Quinoa. Please see the rules of entry and use the linky tool given to submit your recipes :)
Quinoa has commonly been mistaken for a grain, but it is indeed a seed and now a popular one with various health benefits. I was blown away by how nutritional it is and this is also the reason I decided to go with this seed – we should all try and make that switch from rice to quinoa for many of our preparations. It tastes SO good and comes in 2 colors RED and YELLOW! Read more about this Wonderful grain here 

Cooking with Seeds Quinoa

Rules of Entry
Vegetarian recipes only please :) (this include no eggs either-ty :)
Entries can be linked via Linky tool given below
Linky will be open from today until Sept 30
Please add event logo to the entered recipe on your website
Link back to this announcement and to Priya’s blog
Multiple entries welcome
Archived entries are allowed to if you repost them on your blog :)
Non bloggers can email me their entries with the names and a photo
A running round-up is posting via the link tool on this page
Look forward to your participation on both seed events going on on my blog

Dear friends,  I had previously announced the event Cooking with Whole Foods -Subsegment With seeds and the seed of choice was Fenugreek – This event is a brainchild of Kiran of Sumadhura please click here to view that event.This event is ongoing until October. So please send in your entries to this event as well. Thanks and Love <3



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September 2, 2011


  1. Hi Priya,
    Congrats on hosting the event and for the great information on Quinoa. I thought it was a grain. Will be looking forward to the submissions.

    Thank you for sending your prayer and hug:)

  2. well i have to just buy a new bag of Quinoa! :) happy hosting!

  3. Hi thanks for dropping kind of u… I was bit busy for the past two months will be back soon…starting to post from next week onwards…
    cooking with quinoa sounds great…happy hosting..

  4. Lovely event!! Happy hosting and have a great weekend!

  5. Happy Hosting Priya.


  6. Happy hosting dear.will try to send ome entries.

  7. Thanks for hosting CWS Priya,wonderful choice…

  8. Never used Quinoa before, will give it a go now..

  9. I have always resisted from using quinoa. This event will be my one stop reference for recipes. Thanks!


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