Homemade Pumpkin Gnocchi in Arrabiata Sauce

Homemade Pumpkin Gnocchi in Arrabiata Sauce
Never in a million years would I’ve thought that one day I would even consider making gnocchi let alone from the scratch. And yet, that’s exactly what I did – For all you people East does meet west in a million ways, esp when it comes to food – I had no clue how to make gnocchi but got an intuitive sense from eating it before – Truth to tell, I find gnocchi quite tasteless and doughy, caloric as they are usually made from all purpose flour or maida – from the store or even in supposedly good Italian restaurants. Perhaps I expect too much gourmet in my food and set myself up for disappointment besides coming through as a mean, hard-to please critic….

Who has tried making aloo parathas? You boil the potatoes season them and add it to the flour, knead and roll them out, correct – And all of you must have tasted zesty versions of this dish and some bland and rather blah versions of it – Hot blooded Indian that I am, I am always thinking zesty and like I did with my pizza dough base, I went ahead and seasoned my whole, multigrain flour with a touch of rosemary, oregano, black pepper and salt.  And I used my frozen pumpkin (cubed a whole lot after Halloween was over) .
In conclusion, gnocchi is rolled not rolled out paratha –
In Words
2 cups whole grain flour (I used multigrain bought at the Indian store)
5 cups diced pumpkin
Spices of your choice – I would recommend the ones I used for an extremely aromatic experience J
For my Indian friends, make the pumpkin like your would a subzi except with Italian seasoning
Thaw the pumpkin and drain the water entirely and season as if you were planning to eat it on its own.
Blend it with no water…
Remove and set aside
Take the flour, add the spices and salt and mix well
Then take the pumpkin and slowly knead it into the flour, much like you would for making parathas… Add more flour if you think the consistency is too pasty – I had to experiment with this.
When it is of roll-able consistency make lemon sized balls of it
Dab in fresh dry flour, hold between palms and roll into ½ inch tubes
Then with scissors (yes these are the best tool for the job) snip at ½ inch lengths and place on a plate
Boil water
Add a few gnocchi in the water and watch those babies float up in a minute or so – That is a gratifying moment for the effort put in.
Boil the rest similarly and keep in a colander
Now make the Arrabiata Sauce with
2 cans of diced tomatoes, pureed
3-4 cloves of garlic
2-4 cayenne peppers (red chili)
1 tsp of crushed pepper
Boil sauce in a pan using 1 tsp of olive oil
Add more salt if you desire.
Gingerly drop the drained gnocchi into the sauce and allow it to simmer for about 5-7 minutes, so the gnocchi can soak in the additional tangy flavors of the tomatoes
Serve hot with a sprinkle of parmagiano cheese…
Don’t you love happy endings  – Mine was when the kids, who have travelled all of Italy with us and eaten at several gourmet restaurants declared that this is the best gnocchi they’d ever  had – And they me mates are enjoying the fact that I write this blog perhaps as much as I am since they get to eat it – Signing of in an Italian frame of mind – Ciao mia bellas J
In Pictures

Saute and cook the pumpkins

Add to the flour and knead

Roll into think ropes

Cut into 1/2 inch pieces with scissors

Make them into batches

Grab them as they start bobbing up

Drain and keep

Add to the sauce and sprinkle Parmagiano

Serve with a side of Steamed asparagus :)

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February 11, 2011


  1. Very nice. I liked it that you made Gnocchi without eggs.

  2. Gnocchi from scratch…wow! Like the way you explained. After reading yours I understand how to do it. Very nice post and looks delicious.

  3. lovely step by step…never made gnocchi before tho I saw it being made many times!..looks yummy!

  4. Hi Priya, even I find Gnocchis very bland and tasteless. Since I'm allergic to eggs and many other things in western food, this is one food I end up with most of the times in restaurants. This ia a very explanatory good recipe for home-made Gnocchi.. sure to try this some time.. Can we follow the same procedure with potatoes too?

  5. I was actually looking for the sauce recipe … to make pasta for my nephew.. your recipe is just in time. Thanks for sharing the recipe. A request to add me in the list of bloggers running the marathon.

  6. I was actually looking for the sauce recipe … to make pasta for my nephew.. your recipe is just in time. Thanks for sharing the recipe. A request to add me in the list of bloggers running the marathon.

  7. innovative recipe,looks nice!!

  8. WOW that looks lota work..Kudos for that..Turned out really awesome..

  9. never knew how this is made n always avoided as it contains egg..but now I know!!good one

  10. Yum, I love pumpkin gnocchi. I've made regular gnocchi before, but not pumpkin. I'd love to try it, thanks for the recipe.

    I saw your comment about your event, thanks for the invite. It's for the vday dessert right? I'd love to join but i'm kind of in and out of town the next several days so I don't think I'll be able to make dessert, let alone cook anything =( Thanks for the invite though, and please keep me updated of future ones!!!

  11. that is indeed a great achievement. i dont think i will ever be able 2 do something like that.. :)

  12. Lovely step by step instructions.

  13. Love the step by step instructions!!

  14. pumpkin gnocchi looks delicious. Love pumpkin, the sauce looks awesome.

  15. That is absolutely delicious. I love gnochhi and this is such an easy way to make it without eggs and all, thanks for the recipe :)

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  18. YUM,YUM, YUM..U r making me drool here Priya..awesome looking n great pictorials too!!

    US Masala

  19. love your step by step procedure…

  20. Though I found it bland, my kids love it.
    BTW, I am missing from your list of marathoners. :)

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    I love the texture of it..
    Urs look totally inviting:-)

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  29. Oh my, this sounds amazing! Homemade pumpkin gnocchi…with that sauce. So mouthwatering. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post w/ the hearth and soul hop this week =)

  30. Looks great! I've had sweet potato gnocchi, but never pumpkin. I love your comparison to aloo paratha. Makes sense!


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