Idli Kadambam (A medley of Steamed Rice Cakes)

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Idli Kadambam (A  medley of Steamed Rice Cakes)

Happy Republic Day 2011 to all my friends and fellow bloggers
Sometimes patriotism can induce creative ideas 😛 My tribute to India and its flag with its most loved dish – IDLIS

So I decided to make tri-colored Idlis – Regular White Idlis, Regular Idlis with spinach and and some carrot Rava Idlis – I was tempted to make blueberry chutney for the wheel – alas! :( you’ll just have to imagine that)
Very coincidentally and inadvertently I made some chutneys/thogayals that matched almost exactly with the green and orange idlis – I will be blogging these soon.
Regular Idlis
You can also refer to for a detailed recipe for making idlis
4 cups Ponni Par boiled (available in Indian stores)
1 cup of Urad Dal
Soaked separately for 4-6 hours
 Ground finely separately and mixed with 3 tsps of salt – Allowed to ferment overnight
Consistency should be fluffy yet flowing
Spinach Idlis
Same procedure except
 You use 1 pack of frozen spinach (or 250 gms of fresh spinach)
Cook or thaw in microwave
Grind in blender using appropriate amount of water to grind Idlis
Use this blended spinach in place of water and allow to ferment overnight
NOTE: this blend takes a little longer than regular idlis – i am guess the iron in the spinach inteferes slightly with the fermenting process
I made idlis and dosais – According to my little on :Oscar idlis and Oscar dosais – (Oscar as in the Sesame Street character -Oscar the Grouch 😉
Fine dosais result too –
Carrot Rava Idlis
Take 2 fresh carrots. peel them and snap them into smaller sticks. Add 2 cups of yogurt/thick buttermilk and blend very finely
I just added the amount of rava that I needed until I reached the correct consistency
Thadka with curry leaves, 1 spoon of ghee and mustard seeds (chillies optional) and mix in with the batter. Add the salt and set aside for about an hour
Then make them like you do regular idlis
Enjoy Y’all brought to you with love and national pride :)) Huamra Indian Mahaan!

I would like to send this to Twist the Traditional Idli event by Satya of


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January 25, 2011


  1. Wow patriotic idlis looks awesome..

  2. Priya – U Rock & how ! loved the concept !!u go gal !

  3. How delicious and so colorful! Would love to try one of each.

  4. Idlis look colorful and apt for Republic day.

  5. Wow …….what a great idea…I am new here…….love your blog.


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