Kaaju Barfi – Cashew Fudge – Sweet Welcome to Kavin

Kaaju Barfi – Cashew Fudge – Sweet Welcome to Kavin

This is one of the most popular sweets that Indians and westerns love to gorge on – They are tremendously caloric, but heck, which dessert that we crave for isn’t? Desserts are essentially meant to serve that purpose in our diet, would you agree? I have made this twice now and both times it has turned out perfectly and I have Manjua Ben to thank for it – her video on this was easy to understand and execute. I attempted this for the fist time at Diwali last year and now again to celebrate our blogger’s friend Kirhi of Kirhti’s Kitchen on the birth of her bonny lad, Kavin. As blogger friend Reva rightly puts it, here’s to celebrating life and stepping into the arena of unconditional love for Krithi :)

2 cups of raw cashews
1.5 cups of white granulated sugar

3/4 cup of water
A pinch of saffron

Note: You need a heavy bottomed pan to make this


Using unsalted butter grease a plate with a short rim and keep ready
Powder the cashews, soft but slightly coarse (more powdery than instant coffee granules)
In a saucepan add the water and sugar and on medium heat allow them to boil until it gets to a 1 string consistency syrup.
In the heavy bottomed pan, on low heat, lightly roast the cashew powder to warm it up and get rid of any raw taste – this should only take 2- 3 minutes tops – Any more can make the cashew lumpy & wet
When the syrup is ready – takes some testing – add the saffron and the pour the syrup on to the cashews.
start stirring – the arm exercise is incredible in this part and you’ve pretty much worked off the calories that you might intake with a small piece of this barfi when it is done :)
I have always found it tough to estimate when the fudge starts coming off the sides, and both times had to put it back on the stove after pouring it on the greased plate – no matter – this is something that gets clearer as you practice.
My hint is when I see some of the sides getting crusty no roasted by white (in tamil – poru poru)
Pour on the plate – if it is perfectly done, then cutting can be done soon after pouring on the plate

Cut as diamonds or squares -preserve in air-tight containers and enjoy with family and friends –
Here’s to you Krithi and your little son – God bless him with every sweetness of life!

I am posting pictures from both my attempts and I hope you will enjoy this sweet vicariously :)

Welcoming Krithi’s son, little Kavin with me are my blogger friends listed below and here is a picture of the “sweet Collection”

1.Priya Suresh: http://priyaeasyntastyrecipes.blogspot.co.uk/

8.Melange [Dhuythi]:http://www.desimelange.com/

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August 1, 2012


  1. I love to gorge myself of those calorific treats from time to time as well ! 😀 I love cashews and these cashew fudge look utterly yummy !

  2. awesome kaju barfi
    u r right its really rich and kind of heavy. i can never get right string consistency and no matter how much i try it never comes right for me hehe

    and congrats krithi

  3. these are extremely delicious and addictive sweet…Homemade are always welcome…

  4. Love this sweet.hope u enjoyed preparing it.

  5. Sinfully delicious. This is a awefully sweet gesture to Kirthi and Kevin!

  6. beautifully done, priya:-)

  7. One of my favourite sweets……never knew it could be made at home .

  8. kaju katli is one of my favrite sweet…
    your looks so perfect….

  9. Delicious sweet , our family fav :)

  10. wow.. kaju barfi looks delicious… yummy..

  11. aaah love this; have never attempted though ! sweet treat to welcome kavin !

  12. This looks great!

  13. yummy burfi….looks perfect :)

  14. A great burfi to make for celebrations.

  15. mmmm….. yummy and delicious. Sure will try this out.


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