Paneer Pasanda

Paneer Pasanda


This is another dish where the name was in question as to whether it should laal paneer or Paneer Gulabi – we stuck with Laal because that was really the closer color!  It’s actually fun to try out new combos and come up with a name for it. I had made it this weekend and I believe from the feed back I got this was a sixer or at the very least a boundary, in cricket terminology J

How or why laal – This time I decided to couple paneer with Beets, not known commonly as a match, at least to my knowledge… Of course, paneer took on the lovely red hues of the beets and what resulted was Laal paneer .
The sauce I used for this was Long Red peppers that are now available at Sam’s. I used some green chilies and a touch of garlic and rosemary and sage to this.  No spices are required really for this dish because the beets have an all too distinctive flavor and aroma and it is hard for any of the other spices to compete with that.
My recipe


6 beets washed, peeled and cubed
1 pack of Nanak Paneer cut into ½ inch cubes
2 tsp of  Suvaiyana Chennai curry powder (or other)
1 tsp Suvaiyana North Indian Garam masala (or other)
For the Sauce

Lpaneer 2

4-6 long red peppers cut in 1 inch rounds
Chilies – 2-4  (per taste)
2 cloves of garlic
A sprig of rosemary and sage
1-2 tsp of oil
1 tsp turmeric
Step 1
The Sauce
Heat the oil
Throw in all the ingredients for the sauce at once
Let it cook and soften
Blend into fine liquid-paste and keep
Step 2
The Veggies
First boil the beets for about 10-12 mins on high in the microwave (fresh veggie setting)
After, in a tsp of oil, make it like a subzi using ingredients mentioned
Step 3
The paneer
In a separate pan, gently fry the paneer to a light golden brown using very little oil (you don’t need the oil if you are using a non-stick pan)
Step 4
Add the paneer with the beets and mix it in evenly
Next add the sauce and swirl in
Allow the whole dish to come to bubbly boil for a minute or two
Remove from flame and garnish
Note – I set aside a little sauce to pour over later along with the garnish if you wish a more decorative look (: Enjoy!

Serve with chappatis, naan or pasta :)
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April 21, 2011


  1. Great combination..paneer with beets..will surely try dear…it looks delicious.

  2. new recipe..lovely color to try new things with paneer as my daughter is big fan of paneer:)

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  6. Nice recipe! Isn't it amazing how beets give the color to the food we add it to?

  7. This looks delicious! I'm excited to try it with my homemade paneer!

  8. A beautiful combination.

  9. this looks spicy I like it would be nice with the idlies you made before :)
    thank you for the comment :) we make the pancakes is very often it is really yummy we use the same crepe for a savoury too
    hope you try and let me know regards

  10. Your unique dish looks truly tempting! Very apt name for the dish too.

  11. Gorgeous and unique recipe,looking delicious,thanks for the lovely comments Priya.

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  15. Lal paneer looks awesome delish. love the color. Your oat and bread curmbs idlis sounds delicious.

  16. beet n paneer- the combo sounds deadly ! good one priya – u r on a roll !

  17. wow! a burst of bright color..very innovative too.

  18. gravy with red peppers is too good!…beets with paneer is new to me!…must have been delish!
    Smitha's Spicy Flavors

  19. You did again Priya.. How in thw world, did you think of this combination???? Dish looks so vibrant and delicious.

  20. Natural colored paneer recipe.Looks so delicious…

  21. Looks very bright and I just looove the platter

  22. It's flamboyant and lovely! My mouth is so watering now…

  23. Wow Priya this is really cool, beet with panner should be a great combo, will try someday.

    I have just sent you an entry for your event : fusion recipes

    Pls do check the event going on in my site : summer coolers

    thanks for hosting

  24. So original! I love beetroot, but a dish with paneer must be unique. Love the way it looks. And thanks for dropping by.

  25. Looks very colourful!

  26. Wow wat a vibrant colour laal paneer, simply mouthwatering here..

  27. This is an excellent and very innovative recipe Priya…what a vibrant colour…and the sauce is made just the way i like…real spicy…parcel please :)

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  34. Wow!!! what a lovely combination. The name is perfect for this dish.

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    gotta try this..Bookmarking …yummy!!

  37. What a rich color & a yummy recipe 😉 Btw how do u make curry powder..?? I would like to try my hand on making it at home instead of relying on store bought stuff.. :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  38. I would have never thought of combining beets with paneer. The sauce also is interesting.

  39. Nice recipe

    Right now i don't have the red chillies at home with which my mom made that chilly powder. Shortly i will be getting them and will post a pic of that..

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  42. We grow Beets in our garden because we love them so much. Your combination of flavors for this dish is out of this world delicious and I can hardly wait to try your recipe. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope to see you next week. Have a very special week end!

  43. mouth-watering!!!! Lovely Color!!!

  44. Wow! what a great recipe. Looks absolutely delicious. You have a lovely collection of recipes here!


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