Mampazaham Morekozhambu/ Aam ki Kadi ( Ripe Mango & Buttermilk Gravy)

Mampazaham Morekozhambu/ Aam ki Kadi ( Ripe Mango & Buttermilk Gravy)
This is a dish I had at my sister’s house at Thanksgiving last year, we loved it and I have been meaning to make it ever since. I was on my way to India soon after and when I came back got into other stuff – However, had I seen some mangoes like I did last week when we shopped for groceries, the thought would’ve occurred to me sooner – It is amazing how many things can be made with a crate of mangoes – so here I am setting the pace for a mango recipe spree – So enjoy the ride, folks J

Just in time for these beautiful mangoes and my myriad of mango recipes comes this wonderful event – Healing Foods and the theme being Mangoes…
Many of you many know that Mango is a heat producing fruit – My mom in my early puberty used to warn us not to eat too many malkovas since they grew in abundance in our garden because it would then sprout pimples on our faces –She also insisted we drink a glass of milk or buttermilk to undo the heat of the mango since milk and buttermilk calm and soothe your tummy – Thank you Ma for your wonderful and innate knowledge on most subjects and your sage advise J
So a fitting recipe would be to mix the heat and the coolant and balance the effect of both by making a Mango Morekozhambu or Kadi as it is called in the north.
M. Morekozhambu
The pulp of 2 ripe mangoes
3 cups of yogurt
1tsp of cumin seeds
1 tbsp of channa dal/ kadala paruppu(chick peas)
2 green chilies
1tsp whole black pepper
¼ inch piece of ginger
¼ cup grates coconut
1 tsp olive oil/coconut oil/sesame oil (your choice of one)
Seasoning – cumin, mustard, curry leaves, asafetida
In a bowl, soak all ingredients except mangoes in 2-3 tablespoons of warm water for about 10-15 mins
In the meantime, ready the mangoes by skinning them and remove the pulp from the seed
In a blender, beat the mangoes and the other ingredients in to a smooth paste
Heat the tsp of oil in a saucepan and splutter the some cumin and mustard seeds and other seasoning materials.
Add the blended gravy and allow it to cook for a few minutes, until it thickens and starts bubbling
Add salt and switch off heat
In the blender, add the yogurt and blend to smoothness
When the mango gravy has cooled down, add the yogurt and mix in well with the mango and you got yourself a groovy mango morekozhambu
Enjoy your fruits in new ways J
 This goes to 2 Evetns: The Only Fusion Recipes started by Pari of Foodelicious which I am hosting this month and to Kaarasaram Reva’s Healing Foods Mango event
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April 2, 2011


  1. very interesting.. more kuzhambu with mangoes.. yummm.. haven't tasted this before.. looks tempting..

  2. never heard of this mor kuzhambu but looks really delish.

  3. a fun entry :)

    hmm… i wonder what buttermilk tastes like o.o

  4. i make somethg similar only a lil thicker- mambazha morekootan ; ur dish looks pretty good ! and hey the things we have in common , we must have been siblings lost in kumbhmela (yes u termed it right, we r indeed soul sisters) ; loads of love n cheers

  5. This is a very new one to me..never heard of mango in buttermilk gravy. We eat ripe mango in curd rice though!

  6. WOW ..wonderful morekozhumbu…never had anything like this before …yum yum yum.

  7. I think we make this in Kerala but a little differently…have to try out this one…thanks Priya…just waiting for summer to kick in just so that we can start on the mangoes :-)..btw, am following you now, I thought I did a few weeks ago but apparently there was some prob with the link!

  8. That looks really gooey n tangy morkulambu..
    U know we have a slightly different version of this curry..very popular in Kerala called Mambazha Pullisery..thatz one of my fav. I am gone try ur version soon!!

  9. newly hearing about this.. mango with buttermilk..nice try..looks good

  10. We make mambazha moreluzhambu/ pulissery in a slightly different way. I love mambazha pulissery!

  11. What an unusual twist in the mor kuzhambu. Must have tasted wonderful!

  12. This looks so delicious! So nice, refreshing and cooling.

  13. sounds interesting and new to me dear….
    but if i prepare this kozhambu, there will be no mango's left for this recipe :)

  14. I love mangoes…. and mango curry too (tho we make it with whole ripe mangoes and add coconut paste too) … ur pic looks lovely!!!!!!!!!

  15. first time seeing the mangoes for this year season…Luvly kulambu with happening fruit..

  16. Mor kuzhambu looks super delicious and tempting..

  17. ripe mango kadi this is very new for me sounds very interesting!

  18. This is new to me.
    Since I have not dared to enquire the rate of ripe mangoes as yet right now I will give this recipe a pass, but abhi to time hai we are yet to get more mangoes in the markets. So then this is a definite will try.

  19. Hi Priya, I feel sorry for your loss of your mother. But, she definitely lives in your memories. See, she has passed down many advises which are to help you through out your life. Every time her memories touch you, just thank her and pray for her :-)

    Mango Morkulambu looks sooper delicious… The name itself is attractive… Shall give a try once mangoes are available here :-)

  20. Wow… a lovely recipe.. actually this is the first time I am seeing the pic for this recipe as I had my doubts when I heard about this recipe through a friend… looks lovely:) This is must try for theis season… thanks for sending it for the evenet…


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