Mayan Heirloom Squash Stirfry Curry (Subzi)

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Mayan Heirloom Squash Stirfry Curry (Subzi)


When I saw these, I was so excited for two reasons, they were utterly cute and also they opened up a whole new opportunity to try something new

They look like tubby and dwarf version of Zucchinis and taste like them too. Better yet the package that they were in came with cooking instructions which were pretty much how we make a mixed veggie subzi – Apparently they are used in Guatemalan cuisine.
so here goes
Packet of 6 Mayan Heirloom Squash – cut into thin rounds
1 onion
2 tomatoes cut round and fried separately
1 Habanero pepper (optional)
½ turmeric powder
½ cumin seeds
1 tsp Suvaiyana Chennai curry powder or other
2 tsp olive oil

MHSquash 2

Like any other dry subzi, in a skillet heat the oil, splutter the cumin.
Add the habanero and the curry powder and the turmeric
Add the onion and fry until brown
Remove them and then add the tomatoes and fry them
Microwave the squash for 3 minutes so they tenderize slightly
Now add the onions to the tomatoes, and the squash too
Let them all cook in the and bind in taste and flavor
Serve hot with Chappatis or as a side with rice or pasta
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April 7, 2011


  1. wow that's something new..i never saw this in my grocery store..will keep any eye open for this one..stir fry looks spicy and perfect

  2. Love this squash, i will try to hunt them. Nice curry with touch all cuisine.

  3. new to me too!! looks delicious..

  4. Innovative and It looks very yummy and nice

  5. Little and cute squash looks so nice!Stir fry looks yummy…

  6. I love the adorable little squash…and such great flavors in this meal. Delicious 😀

  7. I've always made curry and stir-fry in a normal way, but ur's sounds delicious n yum

  8. This is something new to me. I have never cooked this. Have to keep a look next time when I go for grocery shopping.

  9. luv all the exotic ingredients u have used in this curry, absolutely delicious!

  10. Never cooked this squash, curry looks wonderful and quite a delicious side dish for rotis..

  11. Healthy and yummy stir fry,looks delicious.

  12. Never tried this squash,but I am a big fan of zucchini and your stirfry look delicious,so I am going to try this as soon as I find this veggie.

  13. I will definitely buy if I see this cute vegetable:) Love that title as well as subzi….delicious dear.

  14. Those are too cute! I love trying new veggies. I saw mini zucchini at Sprouts the other day and really wanted to buy some but they only came in a gigantic 2lb bag and I didn't want to eat zucchini everyday for the rest of this month :-)

    This recipe looks fantastic, I love curry!

  15. This dish looks great! I love all the fresh veggies!

  16. Such a delicious stir-fry.

  17. Love this fresh veggie curry cooked in less time.

  18. Cut squash an yum dish. Guess the veggie will work well for salads, sambar, stir fries, what not!What say your ideas?

  19. It looks fabulous and healthy…

  20. what a cute vegetable !
    your photo of the squash curry looks so mouthwatering… im such a huge fan of your curries !!

  21. yummy and delicious curry :)

  22. this looks like zucchini………..but it looks very delicious and colourful………..

  23. never tasted it before but they do resemble zucchini a lot.
    very innovative recipe

  24. never made this before! innovative ideas!

  25. I now wish I had picked up some of these squash. I actually came across them at Costco of all places. Thanks for sharing your cooking experience with this new ingredient.

  26. We see this at the store but I never knew what it was. Great idea to buy it sweetheart. It was super delicious!!


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