Paneer Kebabs

Paneer Kebabs
Thanksgiving lunch was a big fare. Spent it at my sister’s in NY. Lots of incredible food prepared by my sister and her children and visit was relaxed and fun.  My nephew and niece whipped up an appetizer dish of paneer kebab which were outstandingly delicious and I had to put it on my blog. Way to go Rum and Raj …So here goes…

Ingredients for marinade

1.5 cups of yogurt (they used Fage Greek yogurt)

1 teaspoon of cumin
4 teaspoons of Tandoori powder (we were pretty generous with this)
1 teaspoon of ground red chilies
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 teaspoon of ginger paste
salt/black pepper to taste
Cube paneer into half inch pieces along with  and veggies like mushrooms, tomatoes, and peppers

Generously spread marinade evenly over all the veggies and paneer, keeping each of them separate

Refrigerate cheese and veggies for 3 hours
Put on skewers and grill –
 EAT and enjoy!

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November 29, 2010


  1. that looks droolworthy! hey there's a suprise waiting for u in my blog=—-:)

  2. I Love all paneer dishes.This sounds really Yummy.


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