Kaara Pori

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Kaara Pori
I dedicate this to my dearest, sweetest amma. I was wondering why my heart is constantly filled with her memories these past two weeks and I realize this is her month of birth – So I will try and dedicate/replicate as many of her recipes as I can for the next couple of weeks.

This is a quicky, crispy and immensely satisfying snack that my mom put together in a trice – It was always handy when we came home, to use her own expression “hungry as hunters”  Amma’s portions were very generous and yet we would go for seconds and thirds J My sweet, darling sister-in-law has continued the Kaara Pori tradition, with some slight modifications and it was the big gallon bag of Kaara Pori she brought when she visited me 2 years ago that rekindled the fondest memories of my most favorite childhood snack and I have made it regularly since then – My mom had gone to the US for my older sister’s child and she returned with her new find – Rice Crispy and the humongo Sun-Maid brand of black raisins J She add this cereal and these raisins to her original recipe and we adapted quite easily to this even more delicious update. One thing I should say for Dr. Oz, as his devotee, I have really switched to olive oil for 90% of my cooking – avoid using butter unless it is to temper mustards for rasam and sambar – Even then, I use the smallest amount just for the aroma! This dish was made especially for two events, Kurunji Kadambam’s Puffed Rice Event and for Gayathri’s Cook Spot’s walk down memory lane! And to the two events happening on my blog namely, Fast Food NOT Fat Food, and to Kid’s Delight Event started by Srivalli, happily guest-hosted by me
Here we go

Kaara pori

3 cups of white puffed rice
1 cup of rice crispy
½ cup each of Planters’s roasted cashews and peanuts
About 20 curry leaves
½ cup of roasted grams (pottukadalai)
¼ cup of black Sun Maid raisins
1 crushed red pepper
½ tsp of turmeric
2 tbsp of homemade Dosai Molaga podi (chili powder)
1 to 2 tbsp of olive oil

Preparation 10 minutes

In a Kadai or wok, first add the washed curry leaves until they curl up dry
Keep the flame very low at ALL times during this process
Add the roasted grams, and the rices and turn a few times
Then add the raisins and nuts
Add a spoon of oil and to it the crushed dry red chili
Dribble the oil around the wok
Add the molaga podi and turn swiftly and let it spread on the rice and other ingredients
Add the turmeric powder and salt and again dribble the rest of the oil and turn few more times
The color of the Pori or puffed rice will turn a nice yellow/brown indicating that it has absorbed the podi and the turmeric
Remove from flame
Allow it to cool and transfer into airtight container and enjoy with an evening beverage or realistically any time of day or night –


Sending this to Kurunji Kathambam’s Healthy Recipe Hunt Event – Puffed Rice and to Gayathri’s Cook Spot ‘s wonderful event :)

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Also linking this to my blog event – Fast Food NOT Fat Food and to the Kids Delight Event that I am guest hosting

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March 18, 2011


  1. wow….this is a delicious recipe…My mom too used to make this for me and my sis….I remember she used to add garlic and groundnuts to it too…and coconut oil was used…We used to enjoy in front of TV after coming back from college and school(5 yrs diff btwn us)…Oh…those were golden days…Thanks for sharing this and for taking me down the lane of memories…

  2. Delightful and crunchy treat. Looks lovely.

  3. Wow….mom's recipe is always the best..I totally agree this must be a superhit for everybody!

  4. nice repice

  5. delicious snack…

  6. really yummy and nice click ..n you know I have also similar kind of recipe in my draft..u will find it in few days..and BTW..enjoy ur movie and I'm glad my "TipsNDeals" helped you..

  7. Delicious snack. You are making me hungry. Thanks for linking..

  8. I love this as a snack!!!

  9. Looks yumm snack have never tried this before.. will sure try it..

  10. Loved this version..looks really yumm

  11. I simply love to much on puffed rice..never tried it with molgai podi..looks delish.

  12. Yum yum !
    Perfect snack for munching when you are hungry…I just love it.

  13. Hey Priya, those platefuls are too tempting. I'd love to snack on it!

  14. im sure i wont be able 2 stop once i start snacking on these

  15. One of our fav…I make so often and as most same too..looks yum

  16. Looks very delicious.Tempting snack

  17. Even my mom used to make this kaara pori, temptng snacks..

  18. wowww so tempting…

  19. Crunchy and yummy snack,love this anytime of the day..yum yum

  20. This is my all time favourite snack Priya!! I just don't get enough of this, Lovely recipe )

  21. Wow a great snack for guilt free snacking.Going to try this today.

  22. tempting tempting snack girl….looks wonderful….staying here I miss all these…and then when we make it at home….still miss the true taste of it!
    Smitha's Spicy Flavors

  23. Crunchy and yummy snack,love this anytime of the day..yum yum

  24. oh this is one best thing to much in front of TV, happy B'day to Mum :)

  25. Kaara Pori looks very tempting. Wish, I could grab one of those bowls.. The close up shot looks very natural and perfect :-)

  26. Wow!! You made a gigantic bowl of it and its already gone. More, more, more, please!!!

  27. haha, its like gourmet rice krispies!
    im sure these were a real treat~


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