Mysore Rasam (Indian Lentil Soup)

Mysore Rasam (Indian Lentil Soup)

I am slowly realizing that I LOVE coconuts and it is my firm belief that it enhances and enriches any dish it is used in. I seriously don’t know if my method of making this rasam is at all authentic, but I’ve tasted my mom’s Mysore Rasam and I recall some of the flavors I’ve tried to create with this recipe. Even if I do say so myself, it turned out pretty good and we coupled it with a side of potato –onion roasted curry – There was silence at the table except for the slurpy noises that come from licking ones fingers,sometimes arms and elbows as the rasam trickles down. My mom joked that we liked “swimming” in the rasam since I was a tad too liberal with it on my plate – But this is comfort food at the very ultimate for us and there is a deep yearning for it if I have not prepared it in a 4 day period J

The only difference I make between a regular rasam and this version is the “arachi vitta” part – which means the addition of coconut + fresh spices ground up.

Mysore Rasam 1

½ cup toor dal (split pea) boiled mushy
1 can of diced Tomatoes or 3 big regular tomatoes
1.5 cups of water
2 tsp Suvaiyana Rasam powder (or other)
½ tsp each of mustard and cumin
Cilantro and curry leaves to garnish
1 tsp of ghee for spluttering the cumin and mustard
Additional spices for this kind of rasam
¼ cup of grated coconut
1 tsp Suvaiyana South Indian Garam Masala (or other)
½ cup of water to grind
1tsp crushed cilantro
In the ghee, roast all the spices and coconut.
Cool and grind wet with ½ cup of water
Blend tomatoes, rasam powder and water
Set pan on the stove and pour the tomato puree in
Allow it to come to boil slightly
Add the ground spice blend to it and let it boil
Add Salt and dal
Allow all of it to boil for a minute or two longer and switch off
Splutter the cumin and mustard seeds with some curry leaves in 1 tsp of butter and add to the Rasam.
Garnish before serving with crushed cilantro
Serve HOT
NOTE: Suvaiyana Rasam powder is great for all kinds of Indian soups, any Mexican style soup/ stir fry. It is also great in Thai recipes like Green Curry or Red Curry.

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March 17, 2011


  1. I can imagine those delicious aromas in my kitchen. Lovely recipe that I will bookmark for us.


  2. I never tried this famous rasam so far,soon have to try out,sounds amazing!

  3. perfect with rice n curd…yummo.

  4. Am yet to make this rasam, definitely a comforting food…..

  5. Saravana Bhavan in Chennai serves this variety i love it always.. Urs looks more colorful n yumm ..

  6. Hi Priya, I have some awards waiting for you in my blog and I hope you visit soon!

    Btw, you said it right. Rasam equals comfort food!

  7. I love this rasam just for that arachuvittathu fact…Lovely click.

  8. I don't know coconut is used in mysore rasam.I love coconut, this one looks delicious.

  9. Flavorful and delicious rasam,nice recipe,thanks for sharing dear,

  10. Priya tis looks like something I will want to make. But can you just tell me when do iadd the daal? Am I missing something?

  11. Priya, your soup has my mouthwatering. Nothing like the simple dal soup I come up with. It looks so creamy and flavourful, especially with the addition of the extra spices in your rasam.

  12. Very aromatic!! this reminds me of mysore rasam my mom makes..gotto check with her t'row.

  13. yummy……! I'm going to try this today for sure..

  14. I make it the same way with a little tamarind juice and jaggery at the end!

  15. Lovely comfort food.. nothing can beat the taste of warm Rasam…

  16. Rasam looks delicious.I have never had this type of rasam.Bookmarking this for a cold days lunch.

  17. This Rasam is my all time favourite. Has come out perfect

  18. delicious n very colourful

  19. oh my rasam rice and papad, bliss for me….i'm all hungry now!

  20. Looks so gorgeous and inviting…

  21. yummy yummy and m drooling :)

  22. GREAT Rasam! Especially good with ooee curry :))) <3 it!

  23. I've never made rasam before, this looks really good..would love to try this sometime..thanks for sharing!

  24. Lovely rasam…looks inviting..

  25. Mysore Rasam is new to me.. The roasted spices and coconut would give the rasam an authentic flavour. Wonderful recipe Priya :-)

  26. Mysore Rasam is new to me.. The roasted spices and coconut would give the rasam an authentic flavour. Wonderful recipe Priya :-)


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