Gujrati Dhoklas

Gujrati Dhoklas
Not endorsing any one brand, but for me the Gits brand works best for my dhoklas. There is just one packet which you open pour and follow instructions carefully and you can get yourself some super spongy dokies. I had some really good dhoklas that my sister-in-law had made over thanksgiving and it seemed like the perfect Saturday lunch idea…
I do make them also with my idli plates and have them a la idli style with molaga podi  and coconut chutney- that tastes great too. What I did end up doing this weekend is making it the conventional style and a few idlis that I served with sweet/sour and spicy strawberry raita which I will share as recipe next.

Idli Dhoklas

with molaga podi

greasing the pan

the batter mixed per packet instructions

The traditional plate with thadka

A slice garnished with coconut (optional)

A side view to show how porous and soft it is

Don’t forget to dribble the lime juice on them – Mixing sugar in the juice is an option – I do not do that.

Eat as a light lunch, an afternoon snack with tea or weekend breakfast :-)


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December 8, 2010


    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE The title <3 :-)

  2. wow Priya, never tried these before but I too am a fan of Gits. But, recently, I have started using more MTR products than gits. I will surely give this one a try.


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