Papaya Casserole

Papaya Casserole


Blogger ate up my Mango curry and all your last recipes too! Bummer!!!!And I got so many wonderful comments – thank you all :) It was wonderfully encouraging to read all those beautiful words :)
This is a recipe that came along as I started cooking and let me tell you instincts mostly lead you in the right directions – This ended up being a gourmet dinner idea J You may ask, how can this be a curry in a hurry to which I say esp. to people in India, you got maids to chop your veggies and wash your dishes, so this should be a cinch for you. To those in other parts of the world where help is non-existent unless another family member pitches in, you can either have your hubby chop the veggies or buy veggies pre-cut at the stores. Over the years, I have realized that nothing is such a ‘big deal’ at the risk of sound extremely clichéd and American! You just get used to doing your own thing and for someone like me who gets waited upon hand and foot when I visit my sibs in India, this is the toughest part of living abroad – each time i come back, I become my own chottu or Lakhsmi or bayi! But I find the satisfaction of doing it myself far more satisfying that dealing with the frustrations of having to explain to someone else how to do things and watch over them when I want to take really snatch it from them and do it myself!
Bad scene – from the time I wrote this to now, my daughter fell on the soccer field and has a whopping sprain on her ankle – took her to the doc and the most bizarre disappearance of my car keys (a big thick bunch with home key, club keys), all gone- vanished into thin air!!!!!
Here I am in a panic stricken state with a girl on crutches, searching high and low for my keys – have not found them yet, but rescue came in the form of Patishri who brought his spare keys to the van- Don’t you just hate it when things go badly!!! But getting back to my daughter, her accident was most untimely since she has her 8th grade dance tomorrow L She is home with her feet up, icing her ankles.
Anyway, I am sure you will enjoy this casserole almost as much as I enjoyed making it and I tried to do a good pictorial for you too. Enjoy friends!
Half a ripe papaya (big sized) chopped in biggish cubes
½ head of broccoli chopped into medium sized florets
1 yellow bell pepper chopped and diced
2 yellow squashes peeled and diced
1 16qt cottage cheese dubba
1 big red potato sliced into thin rounds
Bruschetta spice mix (or any Italian seasoning mix)
Please determine cheese based on pictures below
6-8 sliced of toast
½ cup of grated cheese
1 tbsp of oil
3-5 green chilies
Cook the veggies (except the potatoes) in ½ tsp of oil along with the chilies
Add the spice half way along (cook for about 5 minutes) or until tender but not soggy soft
Salt after turning flame off
In a flat pan, add oil and cook the potatoes adding the same spice mix
Keep oven ready at 400
Toast your bread pieces in a toaster
Now in a lasagna type rectangular pan, arrange a layer of toast pieces (about 4-5)
Add the veggies over the bread and layer with cheese
Now crumble the rest of the toast pieces over this.
Add the cottage cheese in an orderly fashion over this
Now place the potato rounds over that
Add your grated cheese
Bake for 30 minutes
Cut like you would a lasagna and serve hot! You are going to LOVE this.. Do dry and let me know. That will be the best compliment (:

Papaya Casserole

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May 13, 2011


  1. looks a lovely casserole..will try it out..
    same here I too lost the delicious sad..

  2. That is a wonderful idea… too bad about blogger going hay wire… so sorry about your daughter's sprain and U losing your key bunch… hope she feels better soon:) lovely dish…

  3. Never had this dish before but I love all the flavours. It's very intersting.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I hope and wish your daughter is doing fine now.
    BTW, how do you get such innovative cooking ideas? :))

  5. This sounds different…but looks so good…Will try soon…

  6. lovely color!!Its been a while since I made an casserole.

  7. Wonderful idea priya..its really an interesting dish…adding ripe pappaya is lovely !! Hope ur daughter recovers soon :)

  8. Good news is its the weekend and can relax a bit.My regards to your daughter hope she feels better soon.Papaya casserole is a great idea and looks delicious.

  9. Awwww… I hope your daughter makes it to the dance stage tomorrow.. will pray for her to get better soon… did u find the keys yet???
    and casserole! gosh! I see a lot of effort going in there.. looks yummm..I can grab a bite now..

  10. That is an excellent idea to use Papaya in casserole and bread based dishes!! Sounds terrific and tempting:)Yum

  11. OMG, every layer looks so delicious! Great recipe!

  12. Wow loved this sweet and spicy casserole.Lucky for me I have some ripe pappaya,I am going to try this out for dinner.Hope your daughter is feeling better now.

  13. Girl ..this is absolutely smashing!!!! Lip smacking!!!! Love the way u r using up fruits these days!!! I always avoid eating fruits …and this seems like a interesting way to have them. Good going!!!

  14. One more innovative and very tempting recipe! This casserole sounds like a delicious combination of flavours and as we also eat with the eyes, the colours are very pretty, too!

  15. One more innovative and very tempting recipe! This casserole sounds like a delicious combination of flavours and as we also eat with the eyes, the colours are very pretty, too!

  16. never tried this before…looks yum…hope your daughter is feeling good now…take care!!!

  17. Kudos to ur instincts. Looks to be a very tempting… Lot many ingredients…

  18. Wonderful casserole. This is new recipe for me. Hope your daughter is better soon.

  19. Hope your daughter gets better soon. Life seems unfair sometimes, isn't it?
    That casserole is colorful.
    On reverse, I have heard people visiting me saying that I have less chores compared to them. I don't know what to say really when the commenting ones have servants living with them or even have cooks. LOL

  20. Papaya is one of my favorite fruits but I have never cooked with it. I will definitely try to do that soon, this looks great!

  21. Wanted to say I am sorry to hear about your blogger issues…they really messed A LOT up…hopefully they will fix it.

  22. sounds interesting and new to me…
    looks healthy and delicious dear:)
    Bookmarked it….

  23. This looks soooo…good!!! Colorful & inviting!!
    Hope ur daughter is doing better now…
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  24. Lovely colour of the dish and inviting too :)

  25. This casserole looks so tasty! Great colors and combination of ingredients! I love it! :-) So sorry to hear about your daughter… it must have been disappointing for her… :-( Hope she gets better soon! :-)

  26. I hope your daughter is doing fine now.
    Payapa casserole looks so tempting and yummy..Love all those veggies in it..this is really a unique and delicious dish..would love to try this sometime soon..thanks for sharing!

  27. gosh, Priya, the casserole looks sumptous! loved the recipe-

  28. gosh, Priya, the casserole looks sumptous! loved the recipe-

  29. Same with me too,blogger ate so many comments and i was quite upset,btw papaya casserole looks fabulous,complete and wholesome..

  30. Using papaya in casserole dish,unique yet looks delectable!

  31. Wow!!! thats a unique recipe..loved it..easy and yummy!!

  32. You have the most wonderful recipes. Thanks.

  33. You have the most wonderful recipes. Thanks.

  34. You have the most wonderful recipes. Thanks.

  35. You have the most wonderful recipes. Thanks.


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