Papaya Marmalade – A Tribute to an Inspirational Woman & Blogger

Papaya Marmalade – A Tribute to an Inspirational Woman & Blogger
Papaya Marmalade 2
Jayashree Satish of Kailas Kitchen
Priya MahadevanJayasree Kailas Kitchen
Hi Jayasree Kailas Kitchen, just read that you are from Pune – lots of family there and my base in India :)
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Harini Rupanagudi my brother is currently posted in Pune too :)
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Jayasree Kailas Kitchen ‎Priya Mahadevan, Harini Rupanagudi – nice to know you have base/contacts in Pune. Its going to be a year since I moved to Pune. Hope to meet you both during your next visit to Pune.
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The shock of reading of Jayashree’s passing on Niv Mani’s post really had me reeling in disbelief!  I was very, very, very, distraught –I could not sleep from the shock and my husband and kids were so understanding, so sweet trying to console me! –We are not aware as we make new friendships, virtual though they may be nowadays, how close we become and how strongly an incident like this can affect and shake you up – besides drilling home the fact that life is so fleeting, it has you thinking about how to lead it and while you still have a chance to make sure that you have only spread sweetness and love to those around you and leave fond, lasting memories in the hearts and lives you’ve touched –Make the memories count!  This is truly what Jayashree has done for me – Our interactions were not many, but from the get go, from loving the name of her blog, and her simple and clear cut recipes right down to the wonderful, encouraging comments I received from her every time, I only always have had a positive image of her and from the conversation above, you’ll understand what a warm and welcoming person she was J –   The devotion and the enthusiasm with which she celebrated every festival and supported so many wonderful and worthy causes – yes, I did spend a couple of hours going through her Facebook account and trying to get to know this person who had passed, but who had entrenched herself in my life in some indelible way and enriched it. She loved life and I am kind of mad at the Gods for taking someone who was so full of joie de vivre away so young, so suddently – But then I turn around and I pray to the same Gods, Satya Sai Baba and Shirdi Baba to give her loving family the strength to deal with this enormous loss – I know she would have thrown herself and celebrated Deepavali in a grand manner and shared with us her efforts of dedication – So I hope I and far more importantly, her family and people who knew her well can salute her spirit this coming Deepavali Like I already said on her FB page, she will set up her Kailash Kitchen for the Gods above, in Lord Shiva’s heavenly abode :)

To all my blogger friends and followers of this blog, let me tell you one more time how much you mean to me and how much I value our friendship, virtual or otherwise. Love you!

My small tribute in her memory, I make this Papaya Marmalade in her honor from her wonderful collection of recipes.


1/2 a ripe papaya (about 1 cup)
Juice of 1 orange
Zest of 1 orange (used for juicing)
1/2 cup of Agave nectar
1/2 cup or Orange blossom honey
3 cloves crushed

Papaya Marmalade


Roughly dice your papayas since you are grinding it anyway
Juice your orange and zest the rind and keep
Measure the honey and agave
In a blender, add the papayas, orange juice, agave and honey and crushed cloves and spin until it’s a smooth blend
Pour in a deep saucepan and start cooking on high flame for 5-7 minutes stirring the sides
Then reduce flame and cook for  15-16 minutes in installments of 5 – 5- 3- 3 –
By this time, it has reduced to 1/4 of its original amount and has thickened considerably
Test by dipping the ladle in and it should have Jam sticking to it as opposed to running down

Cool for 10 minutes, put in a clean jan and refrigerate  – Enjoy with Toast, english muffins, crumpets and pancakes, just to name a few :)

Here are some pictures – Also stay tuned for some Pineapple Jam from Jayashree blog that I plan to make for tomorrow’s post.
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Papaya Marmalade collage

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October 20, 2011


  1. Oh my god… I just can't believe it… it is so sad:( I am reeling with shock… God bless her soul and her distraight family. I hope they find the strength to carry on… Will pray for everyone's well being..

  2. Though I don't know jeyashree but the moments shared by you all,makes me feel so shocked to look at the smiling face..
    Thats life ,got to face it :-)
    Let God give the family the strength to get over the pain..
    maramalade is delicious n innovative ,Priya!!

  3. very nice one u choose!…RIP

  4. I am shocked to hear about Jayshree's sudden demise. May her soul rest in peace.
    Papaya marmallede looks fabulous, colourful, yummy and tempting.

  5. I was a follower of her blog as well.Me too was upset after hearing about her. May her soul rest in peace.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. That is really so sad. I don't know her but really makes you question why. God bless her family with the strength to move on.

  7. Marmalade has come out very well and looks perfect.

  8. May she rest in peace…
    Some time it feels 2 me Is this all life about?

  9. A very touching post..There is nothing we can do better than this.All prayers to Jayasree..RIP Jayasree..we all will miss you.

  10. I miss her a lot…Wonderful post on jayashree..hats off to her

  11. So sad to hear about your friend. Here's hoping you and her family find comfort soon. What a lovely tribute.

  12. Your post made me cry….May her soul rest in peace and may God give her family the courage and strength to continue..

  13. Nice post,marmalade looks so glossy and yummy!

  14. Still i cant believe it..RIP Jayasree..marmalade looks super inviting Priya..

  15. Priya, you are so brave to put your thoughts on your blog, I have not got enough courage to write about her yet…it pains me to recount in the pat tense.
    She was my junior at college, ever smiling, helpful, looked at the positive side everytime, Loved Swami to bits and had a nice word for everyone.
    I like the way you have paid tribute to her and hope to get up my tribute post soon too.

  16. Every small detail, I remember makes me weep uncontrollably. She will be with us forever in our minds and spirit.
    You have expressed so beautifully.

  17. I did not know her personally, but this news is really sad. May her soul rest in peace.
    Papaya marmalade looks fantastic.

  18. hey priya, never heard of papaya marmalade and it looks gorgeous- Papayas are in season here and guess who is gonna buy and make a marmalade out of it??? it is shocking to hear about jayshree- RIP…

  19. totally moved by your gesture Priya- God bless u and hope Jayashree's soul RIP

  20. A very touching tribute, Priya. I just had that one conversation with her and I frankly don't have any words to express my feelings..It is way to surreal ..

  21. May her soul rest in peace..touching post dear

  22. Nice recipe .. RIP jayashree

  23. The rich red marmalade caught my eye…You touching tribute caught my heart. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend.

  24. I have been on KailasKitchen while bloghopping, this is really sad to know. Wonder what have been the reason behind this untimely event.

    Your tribute and the recipe seem apt.

    May her soul RIP


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