Penne Meets Paneer in a Mustard Greens Gravy

Penne Meets Paneer in a Mustard Greens Gravy
Indian-Chinese, Indian Italian… Indian food blends so nicely with so many cuisines — No bias whatsoever when I say them …Uh ..hmmm
This is an Indian-Italian fusion dish that turned out really marvelous – I usually take very calculated risks and I find that more often than not, it actually pays off and I have just added a new dish to my repertoire. Both Indian and Italian foods can never go out of style and as I’ve said often enough all our foods are there to be fused and we are there to revel in the delicious union :)
The usual lunch time phone call from my hubby goes something like this after the initial catching up of each other’s mornings  – “So…. what’s for dinner?” And I say…:I don’t know, what do you guys want?” and then more recently, it’s been “I thought you may want to make something interesting for your blog” …. lol!
We had bought mustard greens at Sam’s because I was immediately thinking “Sarson ka Saag – I must tell you the smell as you wash those greens are nasty! So be warned! But once they are cooked they assume the nice greens smells.
5 cups of chopped mustard greens
2 cups of Penne pasta
3 Roma tomatoes
3 whole dry red chilies
3 green chilies
1/4 grated coconut
1 tbsp coriander seeds
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 cup of cubed paneer
1 tsp dried crushed basil
About 1 tbsp Olive oil (by which i always mean extra virgin)

Wash the greens thoroughly with salad spinner – (Please do this even if the package says prewashed)
Cook in Fresh Veggie mode in Microwave
In the meantime, in a frying pan, add 1 tsp of oil and add the coriander, cumin, and coconut and lightly fry and blend into a liquidy paste
In the same pan, now add 1 tsp of oil and add the tomatoes, the chilies and the cooked greens and let them cook some more.
Add salt and remove
Cool a bit and grind in blender
Add 1/2 tsp of oil to the pan and heat.
Add the paneer and cook until very lightly browned
Add the basil and the blended coconut and blended tomatoes and greens
You have yourself a wonderful saag or gravy
Somewhere in between, bring a 5 qt pot half-filled with water to boil. Add some crushed basil, 1/2 tsp of oil and salt.
Add the penne and cook it until al dente
Drain water and put the penne back in the pan
Add required amount of gravy to it and enjoy hot
I cut up some incredibly crunchy and sweet long red peppers as a side or salad :) Serve hot and enjoy the love :)

Mix together
Penne & Paneer in Mustard Gravy3
On your Plate :)


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February 26, 2011


  1. Great Combination. I am a fan of paneer and you have given me a great recipe to try out with.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. new twist…thats cool!….surely u guys must have enjoyed it!

  3. Looks yummy! A new thing to me.
    There is an event announcement at my place, please make yourself free to check that.

  4. looks yummy and great combination…

  5. I made something similar to this recently..looks yumm

  6. What a twist,great.I have a fear of getting mustard greens right,can I try substituting with any other greens?

  7. This is a really interesting recipe. It has wonderful color and I suspect it is delicious. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  8. Priya, that is the best innovative fusion dish I have come across in recent times! great going gal đŸ˜‰

  9. The penne with the panner looks great. An awesome combo :)

  10. Wonderful idea with sarson ka sag.This new recipe looks delicious.

  11. That's a new combo..nice green colour!

  12. Great combo! Looks inviting.

  13. The paste mixture is delicious .. beautiful pictures, greetings MARIMI

  14. looks good. Must try this combo .

  15. Definitely a new and irresistible pasta, truly fabulous..

  16. Delicious pasta recipe with indo italian ingredients.

  17. Looks very intersting. Never had this dish before. I should give it ago soon.

  18. What a great combination! I am a little ashamed to admit that I have never even tried mustard greens before. This recipe may just inspire me to change my ways.

  19. What a great fusion dish! Loved the colors!

    US Masala

  20. awesome pasta …..mixture and color looks delicious .. beautiful pictures

  21. Great idea Priya. I ususally make the South Indian kootu with mustard greens.


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