Pepper Karachev (Milagu Karachev) Deepavali Special

Pepper Karachev (Milagu Karachev)  Deepavali Special
Celebrating Deepavali so far from home is no fun. But we got to make the best of the situation and I want to give my kiddos a small fraction of the fun and enjoyment of this most celebrated festival. So I say to myself, quite whining about stuff and get your act together. My mind went over the sweet and savory treats my mom used to make and I launched on the first of the 3 treats I’ve plan for this Deepavali and that be – pepper Karachev. I tried to get the flavor of the karachev the even my 2 yr-old so adores from Grand Sweets and Snacks –
Making it by myself somehow feels more satisfying than just buying from the store – there’s my silver lining :-)

Very simple recipe


2 cups of gram flour or kadalmavu
1 cup of rice flour
15-20 kernels of pepper
2 red chillies
5 table spoons of melted butter
oil to fry
1 cup of water

NOTE: you will need a Karachev Press

Sift both the flours in a sieve.
Coarsely grind the pepper and add to the dry flour and mix in
Finely grind the red chillies and do the same
Add the desired amount of salt
Melt the butter and slowly to the flour, kneading it in as you go
Add one cup of warm water, slowly kneading as you did with the butter – the consistency is creamy smooth – be careful not make it too watery.


Fill a frying pan 2/3 with oil.
Wait for it to get good and hot
Butter both parts of the press and drop a handful of the batter in it and squeeze in oil, rotating arms in making spaghetti nest like formation – picture will explain this better!
Wait until it turns golden brown remove and place in a paper-towel lined container.
break it up after it cools down


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November 4, 2010

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