Pineapple& Papaya Soup with Jasmine (Soup D’Ananas et De Papayes au Jasmin)

Pineapple& Papaya Soup with Jasmine (Soup D’Ananas et De Papayes au Jasmin)
PP soup
This soup is an adaption of the French chef par excellence, Roger Vergé ‘s Soup de Melon et De Papayes au Jasmin from his book Cooking with Fruits. My dear friend lent me this book to browse – I was totally fascinated at how wonderfully he was able to make a mélange of recipes with fruits.
This is a fantastic soup for all especially I believe my friends from South India who wear jasmines in their hair. The heady, intoxicating fragrance of the flower! I never thought that this could be used in cooking! Believe you me when I say that it infused the most exquisite bouquet to the soup and I felt in 7th heaven at having reproduced, albeit with some changes, this soup delicacy and wowed my family with it… please enjoy the pictures and the recipe and it is one you can certainly try in the south given the abundance of papayas and jasmines and pineapples too.
Picture from the book
6 servings
Preparation 20 minutes
No cooking required
Zest of 1 lemon
Juice of 2 limes
½ Pineapple
1 medium sized papaya
¾ cup sweet wine such as Sauternes
(I subbed dark cherry juice)
1/3cup sugar
1 pinch of salt
36 very white jasmine flowers (you can sub this with few drops of orange blossom water when you are ready to serve)
6 sprigs of fresh mint

White pepper, finely ground (I used black)

Pineapple & Papaya
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Grate the lemon for the zest
Peel, deseed and cube papayas
Peel and dice pineapple
Juice the limes
Measure ¾ cup of cherry juice (you can sub with pomegranate or other easier available juices or use sweet wine if you prefer)
Add all the above in a blender with the sugar and the pinch of salt
Pour into a wide bowl and add the jasmines and gently stir them in
Chill for about 2 hours
Strain the soup before serving
Garnish each soup bowl with 2 jasmines and a sprig of mint
Enjoy (:
NOTE: The Jasmine I garnished the soup with was for decorative purposes and perhaps not meant to be eaten :)
Papaya soup 3

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September 6, 2011


  1. thats a very unusaul combo but sounds really inteersting..

  2. whaT a lovely combo- am bookmarking this & hey we r soul buddies indeed= I have just posted a recipe with pineapples ! :)

  3. Looks delicious.Yummy! And what colour! Excellent soup.

  4. Beautiful soup! It sounds delicious:)

  5. Soup looks superb n a very unique combo..G8 job,Priya!!

  6. hi now serving, garnishing the soup with jasmine is a great idea.
    i do eat jasmine buds for health, but not the ones already blooming.
    wanna try? eat 7 jasmine buds a day :)

  7. When I saw your post heading i was sure u were pulling my legs (both of them) Wisely, now that I know you can be quite a conjurer I waited for the pictures to load then I read the recipe. Love it. Brilliant!

    thanks for linking it to the event.
    Do check out my event and send me your entries.

  8. Jasmine in a soup is very new to me. Doesn't it taste too strong?

  9. what a pretty looking soup.

  10. Very new combo to me… Healthy one…

  11. very interesting soup, sure different flavours make it a unique and wonderful soup..using jasmine is new to me…nice one Priya..

  12. Jasmine in soup, looks wonderful and full of flavours..

  13. Hi Priya, this is definitely a unique soup!! I have tasted jasmin tea. Honestly, I was not excited because I found the flavour too strong. However, your pictures and description are soo convincing, it would have definitely tasted great!! :)

  14. Interesting and delicious combo..yummy

  15. very interesting…very unique flavour…pics looks grt!!

  16. Looks delicious, awesome combo.

  17. love the idea of putting papaya in soup! i eat papaya every day for breakfast! lovely recipe!

  18. So unusual & inviting soup!!! And never heard of jasmine in food…Need to give this a try..:)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  19. Seriously I never knew that jasmine flower can be used in cooking, very unique recipe. Thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

  20. What a combination! Never would have thought of these flavours together :) Lovely!

  21. cooking with jasmine flower is new to me..
    sounds awesome and i get the aroma here..

  22. very unique combo, loved the version, looks soo tempting.

  23. Soup looks so unique with its flavors, looks inviting with beautiful clicks.

  24. This is a fantastic recipe, I love to find ways to use fruit.

    I want to get M. Verge's book because I love to cook with fruit.

    Thank You.

  25. Interesting…a very unusal combination…looks great.

  26. I've never tried a fruit soup before but it sounds great and I'm sure it tastes delicious!

  27. wow..this is very new to me..looks delicious..

  28. very much inevting soup..i never ever heard of such combo soup…ie jasmil in soup..gr8 job…i am sure must have tasted very nice,,

  29. Thank you so much for your lovely comments Priya. :) Mom's are always the best..

    This is a cool combo. Never tried this before. I will surrely .. :) Sounds healthy too :)

  30. Very unusual combo, looks fantastic.

  31. This is a very different kinda soup and looks so lovely. Fall is right ahead us and I am going to make this.

  32. this is such a beautiful color!

  33. very new and aromatic soup.. excellente :)

  34. Such fantabulous flavours!!! am a big fan of Jasmine tea so can imagine how heavenly the soup might be. Lovely!!


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