Plantain Chips

Plantain Chips
Today is Presidents Day and hence a holiday for my kids – Of course, I like to indulge them with something special, because having them home on a weekday is a special occasion for me.
This is a recipe I got from Madhuram’s blog – I did modify some to suit my family’s tastes. Ever since I decided I must blog a dish from Kerala for the Kerala kitchen event, I have been making a few dishes from that region including, Puttu, avial and now these chips.
Here’s how I did it
4 Green Plantains
oil to fry
Molaga podi (the kind used for idlis)

Peel and slice the plantain
Heat the oil in high flame
in a mixing bowl, add some oil and a small dash turmeric powder and mix in
Separate the cut pieces of plantain and turn them in the oil/turmeric mix
Then drop them into the hot oil
Wait for them to turn golden brown and then remove
Note: I did reduce the flame when I found it was browning too quickly without becoming crispy.
So after each batch, turn the flame back to high as you prepare the mix and then drop in oil and reduce to
medium flame.
Collect it paper-towel lined colander.
Add the salt and molaga podi (chili powder) and allow it to cool completely before transferring into container.
Notes to Myself
Here are somethings to do differently. Peel skin completely and cut the plantain even thinner… soak them for a longer time in the turmeric oil mix and try to bake them rather than fry them – makes for a healthier snack … but in the meantime, enjoy this with me :)
Sending this to the Kerala Kitchen Event hosted by Ria’s Collection
Kerala Kitchen

And to Mharo Rajasthan and US Masala’s Bookmarked Recipe Tuesdays


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February 22, 2011


  1. WOW the chips are looking so crunchy.. I so much like them..I always make sure that any friend visiting trivandrum has to bring me a bag full of these chips.

  2. Hmm Yummy and crispy chips :)
    Wonderful :)

  3. This is my all time favourite snack Priya!! Just yummy :)

  4. Feels total nostalgic! I am craving for them…

  5. It looks Perfectly u made plantian chips, loved the beautiful color,

  6. wow my fav I never forget to bring these chips when I go to India which mom prepares for me…YUM!

  7. I remember the days when we used to eat themin fav.urs is bookmarked.

  8. These look delicious! I love plantain chips. I could easily go through a whole bowl of them.

  9. Chips looks perfect i love banana chips should try them. Amazing.

  10. When ever my dad used to tour south this was our only demand to bring home. Your look perfect

    Hamaree Rasoi

  11. Thanks all :) @ Priya Elaichii, I got that …thank you :)

  12. Feel like munching some…crispy chips tempts a lot..

  13. Wow so irrestitable chips.. can finish them right away.

  14. Perfectly made…crunchy and yummy!!

  15. These look so good.Yum.

  16. These chips look excellent.. These chips are famous in my husb's native and there, it is an alltime snack. A very good try to make it at home :-)

  17. Priya, this looks super good- reminds me of good old school days when me and my sis literally used to gorge on them!

  18. My fav…they look crispy and crunchy…

  19. We, keralites, have a penchant for these crispy banana chips. I haven't made them at home, yet. Thanks for the delicous reminder!

  20. wow ..Perfectly made …love this a lot …would love to grab it

  21. Oh yum, Plantain chips are a favourite here in the Caribbean.

  22. Looks quite crunchy…By your method, it seems we don't need to dry the banana slices to make them crispier. Wll give it a try next time!!


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