Pumpkin Halwa

Pumpkin Halwa
With Halloween and Thanksgiving, people see orange everywhere – esp in the form of pumpkins – We bought 2 medium-small ones and of course, I wanted to make something with it. I used one for the Halwa and one still awaits a  form – I am thinking soup…for now it has been peeled, cut and frozen for future use. Will let you know when i prepare it :-)


1 small-medium pumpkin peeled and grated about 4 cups grated)
2 cans of condensed milk
3 cups of whole milk
1 teaspoon of crushed saffron
1 teaspoon of powdered cardamom
1 – 2 tablespoons of ghee for frying a 2 tablespoons of raw cashews and golden raisins (optional)


Pressure cook grated pumpkin in 2 cups of milk
In a big pan empty condensed milk cans and add 1 more cups of milk
Add the crushed saffron and cardamom
Allow it to gently boil
Add the pressure-cooked pumpkin and stir into the milk
set stove on low heat and allow the milk to thicken stirring occasionally – I set my overn clock for every 6 minutes to check in and see …
You will see the Halwa thickening and the Khoya forming (looks like curdled milk)
When all the milk has evaporated, and the halwa is thick, add the cashews and raisins and stir in

NOTE: Tastes best when served HOT

Secret tip: 1: Add 1/2 cup of extra sugar if you find that it’s not sweet enough
2: You can crush cashews and sprinkle on top too…


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November 29, 2010

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