Raagi Idlis and Dosais

Raagi Idlis and Dosais

So after all the navarathri sweets and murrukku binging, we are back to eating healthy, minding what goes in the mouth … Since I started this blog, I have started looking at more recipe sites and I came across a recipe for Ragi  (finger millet) idlis (steamed cakes) and Ragi dosais (crepes) – From all accounts, millet is a healthy grain, contains protein like Quinoa and less carbs than rice… esp for us Indians who over do the rice, this is a good change and surprisingly, the idlis tasted almost exactly like the regular rice idlis and the dosais too. If there had been a great difference in the taste, this recipe would not have made it on the blog – A true idli and dosai lover like me would not have been able to compromise on the taste – but this is a must try – really simple  recipe and process.

1-1/4 cup of  Raagi flour/ finger millet flour – available at all Indian stores and at whole foods. (please note that this is the purple kind)
1/2 cup of  black gram (urad dal)

Preparing the dough:
Soak the urad dal for a couple of hours and grind like you would for regular idlis, into a fine past
Soak in a small amount of water the raagi flour and keep for the same length of time
After grinding the urad, add the soaked raagi batter into the grinder and spin it for a minute so that the two batters mix well.
Add salt and keep closed and allow to ferment overnight
Note: The batter rises, but not as dramatically as the idli batter. Just put a drop in your mouth to taste to confirm that it has a slight sourness.
* Mix the dough well,  (you will find the top thick but the bottom watery) so that it is smooth like porridge consistency.
Prepare like regular idlis
Dosais come out great too with the same batter –

Eat it the way you like with your favourite chutney or molagapodi


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October 24, 2010


  1. Ok this is ridiculous…the food is so sublime.


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