Veggie Casserole With Paneer and Swiss Chard

Veggie Casserole With Paneer and Swiss Chard
This was a pleasurable dish to make. I had this super colorful Swiss Chard that I’d bought at Whole Foods. And I had all my garden veggies and was planning on some really interesting dish. It was the same morning that Radhika emailed me the secret ingredient for our Avant Garde Cookies posting and it was Paneer… I had made some a few days before and this seemed like the perfect garnish/addition to this veggie medley.  What’s more I even had my béchamel sauce that I’d blogged the day before and I thought it would make a perfect addition to the dish.
Here is my recipe.
Basically this can be done with any veggies or greens of your choiceI used Rainbow Swiss chard, cherry tomatoes, onions, orange and yellow bell peppers, green chilies (optional) – I also had some snake gourd I chopped up and used.1tbsp olive oil1cup of béchamel sauce (use any other sauce of your choice)1tsp curry powder (optional)

Stir-fry the veggies in about ½ tbsp. of olive oilPlace this is a baking pan neatlyI used the béchamel sauce to top my stir-fried veggies (I sprinkled some curry ma powder on top)Sautee the paneer in another 2 tsp of olive oil – I used some curry powder and salt to spice it up a bitArrange the paneer on the topAdd some cheddar if you likeBake for about 25-30 minutes at 350 FGarnish with Fresh Cilantro
The pictures are self-explanatory.
Enjoy with noodles or just by itself.


This is off to Avant Garde Cookies

This is for the Avant Garde Cookies Group. In this venture with me are  AnushaJayanthi,Kavi, Priya SreeramRadhika Roshni and Veena

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September 20, 2012


  1. Perfect and filling… Would be great for dinner

  2. Veggies baked with paneer..oh I can imagine how delicious that is 😀

  3. Seriously you are killing me with ur healthy and fabulous foods, inviting.

  4. Have never had swiss chard…this looks like a good recipe to start. hubby doesnt like the taste of curry so might have to do some improvising.

  5. yummy and delicious..

  6. Very innovative PM!! And what s chard? do we get them in India? I ve not seen any and yeah you just tickled my tongue with all that bechamel talk

  7. Filling & simply too tempting!!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  8. I'm already drooling..looks delicious.

  9. this is a beauty priya; i can imagine the rich yet fresh taste of this casserole. I am loving it !

  10. A bite-full of heaven..that's what it looks like Priya..


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