Ribbon Poondu karachev

Ribbon Poondu karachev
Poondu Karachev for Deepavali is a family tradition which I never want to give up, considering how well-loved it is – Never fails to hit the home run :-) I just used a different disc, for a change.

Here is my recipe from taste buds/brain recollection of my mom’s incredible karachev

2:1 proportion of gram flour and rice flour (Kadalamavu/Besan: Rice flour)
1 whole pod of garlic
10-12 dried red chillies (this is adjustable according to your taste)
1 tablespoon of  warm ghee
Approx 1 to 1-1/2 cups of water
Murruku press with 2 slit disc to get the ribbon shape
Oil to fry


Sift the flours so that they are fine and knot free
Add the salt to the dry flours and mix well
Add the wamed ghee and knead in
Grind into fine flowing paste the garlic and red chillies with 1 cup of water
Slowly add the garlic paste and mix in simultaneously into the mix until you get s smooth batter – (see picture below for texture and consistency)

Prepare the press
Grease the press on the inside container of the press and and the outside of the presser that you push down. Take a rounded lump of the batter and drop it into the press, put the presser on top and keep ready

Set up for frying
Fill 2/3 of a deep pan with sunflower or corn oil
Allow it to heat up in medium high heat
Drop a small piece of the batter in to test if the oil is ready – the piece should pop up with a bubbling sizzle around it
Now press the batter moving your wrist around the oil to make circular nest like pattern
Turn it over gingerly
Wait for it to turn light golden brown
Remove from heat and place in a paper-toweled colander to let the water drain

Break them up as they get cooler and store in a seal tight container


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November 8, 2010

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