Rosemary Omapodi

Rosemary Omapodi
You read that right – Folks reading my blog might be becoming aware of my penchant for using rosemary in my preparation – For those of you have have not had the pleasure of rubbing that herb on your fingers and taking a good sniff of it, you don’t know what your missing – it is out of this world!
This was my evening to try new things – tweaking the traditional, so to speak, just to see…or taste.

Making omapodi is quite cinchy  The only bummer is you think you’re making a lot about 10 birds nests and then you crumble them and they turn into this small amount :-(  So you need to double the amounts if you are making it for a sizable number of people – My little girl calls it the crunchies and has been digging in!


3 cups of besan/ kadalamavu/ gram flour
one handful (small or big) of rice flour
2 table spoons of ghee
2 teaspoons each of  
Black pepper
Dry rosemary (yes!)


Sift the flours
Grind the spices and herb dry in a coffee grinder or magic bullet
Sift these on to the flour
Add salt
Add the hot ghee and mix in
Slowly add water until the batter is a thick yet smooth mixture

Get the press greased and ready with the small holes disc
In a pan, fill 2/3rd with oil ( I used Mazola or corn oil)
Make the birds nests
It cooks really fast so make sure not to burn
Remove and put in a paper-towel lined colander

Crush and put in air tight box after it cools down – Yenja-E


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November 22, 2010

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