Sharing my Sunshine Award with pleasure and thanks…

With Priya Ramakrishnan who is literally my neighbor in the little town we live in. She gave me Nithu’s contact and advised me about how to get connected. Thanks Priya

With Nithu Bala of Who SO willingly gave me a guest post and furthered the process of introducing my blog to other bloggers and friends. Thanks Nithu

 Priya Sreeram of who has from day 1 been so positive in all her comments and has unfailingly visited each post. And, done me the honor of putting my blog on her page Thank you Priya

Aipi of and Gayathri of and Mina Joshi, for their awsome encouragement and welcome into the foodie world. Thank you Aipi, Gayathri and Mina

And saving best for last – don’t know if this is conventional, to Priya of who brought a bright sunshine into my life with these awards and makes my blogging worth the effort :-) Thank you Priya :-)

Love you gals and happy to be part of this. Please get the award and show off on your blogs :-)


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December 2, 2010


  1. congrats on the award
    looked for your email couldn't find I have linked two of your dishes for the event because of the giveaway thank you so much for linking regards

  2. what a pleasure to be part of your happiness—-yay! thank you for sharing dear! wishing u many more such awards and a wonderful culinary experience !

  3. Congrats Priya and thank you so much for sharing it with me! You are such a sweet heart! I always look for for your new recipes!

  4. Congrats Priya. Thank you so much on sharing this prestigious award!

  5. Congratulations on your award dear..very well deserved and I really appreciate you considering me for are a darling :)

    US Masala


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