Mushrooms and Garlic rice – Chinese style

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Mushrooms and Garlic rice – Chinese style
I made 2 different kinds of this rice, first one I Indianized by mixing in some garlic podi from Grand sweets and snacks. This tasted good, but I think the second was an even bigger winner and deserves a place on this blog – Another healthy recipe with very little oil…so here goes

About 10-12 good sized shrooms (white ones)
Green spring onions – three stems
Garlic cloves- 4-5 crushed
4-6 green chillies (this can be adjusted according to tolerance levels
the juice of 1 medium sized tomato – strained
1 cup of basmati or jasmine rice
1 tsp of olive oil

Cook the rice separately and keep warm
Dice and grind the tomato and strain the juice from the pulp
Finely mince the mushrooms, green chillies and spring onions
In  big pan, heat the tsp of oil, crush the garlic directly into it and add the veggies
Sautee for a couple of minutes before adding some salt and I used a dash of  seasoning herbs (I got a schezwan seasoning spice from Fab India on my recent visit) but any other asian seasoning will do just as well
You want to put just a dash literally!
Add the tomato juice and let it simmer for a minute
Break up the rice so it is nice and fluffy.
Add to the sauce and let it cook
The tomato juice will get quickly absorbed by the rice and will look moist but dry
Allow it to cook for a minute or so longer, stirring so it does not get burnt at the bottom

Serve hot with spring rolls on the side or enjoy as is…
Don’t forget the key ingredient – Love – to make it and serve it

The shrooms, onions and chillies vut and ready to go

the tomato puree

The crushed garlic sauteeing in the pan

The veggies saute

The final product


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January 20, 2011