Spinach Saboodhana Kichdi

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Spinach Saboodhana Kichdi
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I have not cooked much with Saboodhna or tapioca pearls because the few occasions I’ve had it, it has always been really oily, be it as kichdi or vadas. The only right place in my mind for saboodhana is either as a vadam (vadagam) or in payasam! The further disincentive is no one in my family is particularly crazy about it either!
But I saw several saboodhana kichdi posts in the past several weeks and decided I must give this grain another fair chance!
Sadly to the best of my knowledge, tapioca per se has no health benefits – it is starchy and very high in calories, but this has somehow been a staple in Maharastra India as khicdi and vadas– while finding its way to the south in kheers and vadams!
So to add some nutritive value to it, I decided to cook it with spinach and it tasted really good :)
Saboodhana Khichadi
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Here is how I went about it
1cup of white peal Saboodhana (soaked for 4-6 hours)
1-12oz pack of frozen spinach (thawed) or 2 cups of fresh chopped spinach
¼ cup of peanuts (crushed)
2-3 green chilies
¼ cup grated coconut
Mustard, urad dal, asafetida to temper with in 1 tsp of oil
Salt to taste
Drain the excess water from the soaked saboodhana
Put it in a pressure cooker and steam without putting the whistle
Wait a couple of minutes after it starts steaming loudly before putting off
This process considerably reduces the amount of oil used – This is one dish that, like eggplant or arbi, can soak up tons of oil
In a pan temper with 1tsp of oil mustards, urad dal and asafetida
Ad the green chilies and the thawed spinach and add into pan and stir fry for a minute or two
Now add the saboodhana and mix in well with the spinach
Add salt and stir in
In another pan, dry roast the grated coconuts and add to the kichdi
Open cook for a minute or two until all ingredients are absorbed into one another.
Garnish with the crushed peanuts and serve hot J

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October 5, 2011


  1. Yummy yum khichdi..spinach n sabudana looks good!!

  2. never thought of putting these 2 together!…makes for a fantastic dih! yum!

  3. Congrats dear on the reward..

  4. Congratz Priya…love this khichdi with spinach, healthy n a filling breakfast…wonderful recipe dear !!!

  5. Congrats dear for the win…interesting and delicious khichdi..

  6. congrats dear and cheers for this yummy khichdi

  7. Congrats dear on being chef of the week, that is a very proud moment. The palak sabudana khichdi looks superb.

  8. Hey, congrats for the Reward! This recipe is new to me..nice 1 dear..

  9. Congrats Priya.Kichdi looks delicious in its new avatar.

  10. Amazing spinach dish:) And great taht you are on e recepies..nice site.Well deserved:)

  11. Congrats dear…A great moment..
    The khichdi looks yummy…never had the idea that these both stuffs mixed together gives a yummy dish..

  12. Kichdi looks delicious.. congrats fot the reward..

  13. Congrats dear …way to go …kichdi looks yum

  14. Congrats on the achievement! a very different saboodhana kichdi…must be a good comfort food on a cold and rainy day!

  15. Congrats Priya!
    Sabudana khichdi with spinach sounds healthy n delicious.

  16. Congratulations

  17. luks great…an interesting combination of sago and spinach !!

  18. Congrats Priya..
    i have not cooked with sabudana in the last few years after it turned out mushy in an upma attempt a long time ago.. i saw a khichdi on other blog too.. guess its time for me to buy sabudana again.

  19. Congratulations for being featured!
    And the tapioca pearls with spinach is such a unique dish! Very creative of you! Well done! Have a lovely day!

  20. Yummy & homely kichdi!!! And congrats dear!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  21. congratulations for the Chef of the Week!
    This looks like a delicious dish! love spinach :-)

  22. Congrats Priya!

    spinach in saboodana is innovative.

  23. Congrats dear,healthy and delicious kichadi..

  24. Congrats priya…sabudoona nad spinach khichdi looks yumm, though I havent tried before

    hosting healing foods nd a giveaway

  25. Checked out e recipe and congrats! very innovative khichdi!

  26. wow gr8 recipe! luv ur novel idea :)

  27. Congrats Priya, btw kichdi looks super filling and healthy..

  28. That's a nice and healthy twist to the regular saboodana khichdi

  29. Healthy & delicious khichdi..

  30. Nice combo. But sabudhana is the which is hate by all at home except me. Hope i can try this as it comes with spinach.


  31. Congratulations on becoming the chef of the week, Priya!! I haven't really cooked with this all that much except payasam, where it adds some texture…this is new to me…will try it!!

  32. You just made that Khichdi ten times more healthy! :)

    by the way a gujju recipe on my blog, do check it out at convenience!

  33. Healthy and yummy kichadi, thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

  34. i love tapioca pudding haha, too bad it doesn't have that much nutrition. at least it is gluten free! love the idea of combining it with spinach!


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