Stuffed Green Peppers (capsicum)

Stuffed Green Peppers (capsicum)
Green bell peppers lend themselves to a variety of cuisines, assuming the flavors with great ease, be it on Italian pizza or in South Indian sambar or vethakozhambu. They are also an incredible candidate for stuffing – forget turkeys! Thanksgiving has come and gone – Let’s keep it green y’all!
And another beauty about this dish is you can pretty well pick any veggies for the stuffing – no hard and fast rules – be creative and go with what you like best – Hopefully though, even if you are not a fan of Bell peppers, this could be the turning point :-)

I will give you a step by step pictorial to follow – try this one and let me know how it turns out

Ingredients for serving 4 people

4 Green bell peppers / capsicum  (count 1 per person)

For the stuffing
3 Sweet potatoes
1 small bag of frozen mixed veggies (or) 1 carrot, a handful of shelled peas, handful of green beans, 1 cup of corn kernels.
1/2 big or 1 small onion
3 green chillies (optional)
1 big tomato
3-5 curry leaves
eated cheddar and mozzarella
1 teaspoon each of 
Rasam podi  (rasam powder)
Curry podi (curry powder)
1/2 stem of fresh rosemary (optional)
1/2 spoon of garlic salt
1/2 spoon of regular salt


Make the stuffing like you would a curry/sabzi/ sauteed dish using all ingredients and letting them brown in 1 teaspoon of olive oil
Set aside
Cut out the stems of all the beel peppers and gently clean the inside of seeds and white flesh
Wash, dry with paper towel
Grease the outside of the pepper with olive il and a little yogurt (optional)
Take a slim spoon and start stuffing the pepper almost to the top
Grate some cheddar and mozzarella and take a tablespoon full to top the stuffing
Add 2 small cubes per pepper of Brie

Set Oven at 350 and cook for about 25 minutes or until the shell of the pepper turns light green

Remove and serve HOT


                                                       Cap off and deseeded

marinated with some yogurt
The stuffing curry


                                                            Almost there

Now the brie
Finished product
Sending this to only greens event!

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November 30, 2010


  1. Wow, love the idea of baking it instead of cooking it on counter top and how does yogurt help? I see that along with oil, you also applied little yogurt on outside on bell peppers. Just curious :)

  2. Thanks Gayathri
    Priya, to answer your question, I put some yogurt and salt on the pepper so that some of it could get absorbed as it cooked and give it some flavor since there is not other spicing done to the pepper itself, per se

  3. really very nice

  4. This dish very new to me. Nice recipe.Will try one day.


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