Stuffed Snake Gourd – day 1 of this week’s blogging marathon

Stuffed Snake Gourd – day 1 of this week’s blogging marathon
Kick-starting the 7 day marathon started by Srivalli of spiceyourlife.blogspot.vom with this new dish which can be a healthy appetizer or a side dish.
Once I’d bought the snake gourd, I was contemplating the usual poricha kootu or curry with it, but then an idea struck me and I went with it – this is what it turned out to be

Opening the gourd

2 snack gourds 12 inches long, pitted and slit ¾ of the way
For the Stuffing
½ Onions,
½ cup of peas,
½ of cubed carrots
½ cup of grated cheese
2 green chilies cut small

Spices – I used
½ tsp turmeric
1 tsp curry powder
A touch of
Mustard seeds
Asafetida for tempering

Sprinkle salt water and cook the snake gourd for 3-4 minutes in the microwave,
In the meantime, Prepare the curry like you would any dry sabzi by tempering the spices, add the onions, lightly frying before adding the other veggies.
Add salt to taste
Do not use the cheese at this time
Remove the gourd from the microwave and stuff the prepared curry using s small faced spoon, careful not to break the gourd beyond the slit
Top with cheese

Note: I tied the gourd so that they would not splay apart while in the oven

Set oven at 400
Put the gourds on a greased pan
Cook for 15 minutes

Untie the gourd before serving. Eaten best with Chappati

Mummified and ready to go in the oven
Mummified and ready to go!
Finished Product

cut and serve hot as a healthy Starter or with main course!

Starting my seven day blogging marathon with my 24 fellow bloggers
Bhagi Pavani ChampaPadmaSowmyaGayathriHariniMinuMeenaPriya SureshRujutaSaraswati, SantoshSavithaPJShobanaSmithaPriya VasuUshaVeenaJayashree M, and Srivalli, who has started this wonderfully challenging event :)

Priya Mahadevan,


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February 9, 2011


  1. Priya– this is awesome; lovedddddddddddddd it !!

  2. Really Awesome. Love at first sight.

  3. The stuffed snake gourd idea is quite interesting..

  4. Quite a delicious and tasty stuffed snake gourd..

  5. Never made snake gourd like this very interesting recipe…

  6. a new idea with snake gourd……………will try……..

  7. Very innovative dish Priya.Must have tasted awesome

  8. Looks very creative and so delicious.

  9. Very new recipe to me, looks really delicious.

  10. A very innovative way of cooking snake gourd.

  11. lovely dish. So new and creative :)

  12. wonderful idea and superb post….loving it

  13. Looks fabulous…must be very delicious too :-)

  14. surely unique and innovative

  15. I bet you can do this for bittergourd too. Fantastic recipe.

  16. never thought snake gourd could make me drool :) Nice pics too..

    US Masala

  17. wow wow wow!!This is a brilliant dish.

  18. Good gravy for rotis I am sure..

  19. Slurp,finger-licking stuffed snake gourd..makes me hungry..

  20. Wow!!! Very new to me!! Looks damn Delicious!!!!

  21. Oh my! I certainly know about bharwan lauki but never seen snake gourds stuffed. And that addition of cheese is really the twist.


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