Stuffed Spinut Balls – A guest post for the Mad Scientist’s Kitchen

Stuffed Spinut Balls – A guest post for the Mad Scientist’s Kitchen
This is a guest post I am doing for my sweet friend Archana of The Mad Scientist’s Kitchen– I have mentioned before that in my blogging world, I have met some really wonderful women and have actually had a great connection with several of them. Archana is one of those – There seems to be an unspoken understanding of each other’s nature and I am sure had we been in the same town, we’d have been fast friends dropping by each other’s homes tasting our creations J
PLEASE DO stop by Archana’s blog to check out the entire post.
Today I am bringing to you one such recipe that is a good blend spices and ingredients.
I am calling it Stuffed Spinut Balls. It is an appetizer, but can also be gravy-fied to be an entre like a kofta curry.
Makes about 35 lemon sized balls
Prep time: 15-20 min
Cooking time 15-20
ü  2lbs of Spinach
ü  1 cup of peanuts
ü  1tbsp sesame
ü  1tbsp Urad dal
ü  4-8 red chilies
ü  1 cup of freshly grated Romano cheese
ü  ½ cup of herbed cream cheese
ü  1 tsp of olive oil
ü  Olive Oil spray
ü  Dipped Kuzhipaniyaram pan
Just the addition of Romano cheese changes the aroma of the balls giving it an Italian flavor. And the cream cheese sneaks up on you from inside the ball like an unexpected, pleasant surprise.  Again, using olive oil makes a difference.
·      I used 3 packs of frozen spinach – if you are using fresh, chop them up fine – Thaw it out and gently squeeze the water out by pressing with a ladle or spoon. For fresh Spinach, cook over stove and remove excess water in a similar way after it cools down.
·      As the spinach is cooking, grind up coarsely the cup of peanuts – I used roasted/salted peanuts for this (Planters)
·      In a pan, use the 1 tsp of olive oil to lightly fry up the chilies, browning with it the urad and sesame seeds.
·      Dry grind this and mix in with the peanuts
·      Now add the spinach to the peanut mix and make it a thick paste of ball-able consistency. Add the required amount of salt to the spinach. Also if you need to use more peanuts if your spinach is still watery, go for it.
·      Keep them on the stove while doing this – this allows the tastes to blend. When the spinach starts sticking to the pan is a good time to switch off the stove and allow it to cool.
·      In a separate plate, grate the Romano with your zester.
·      Keep your cream cheese ready
·      Make the balls with the spinach. With your thumbs make a dip in the middle of the ball to add about ½ tsp of cream cheese in it. Fold over it with the spinach and smooth out the ball – repeat process until all the spinach is used up.
·      Roll each in the Romano cheese, as you go along.
·      Spray the dips in the paniyaram pan and put on low heat.  Add the balls and let them cook for about 4-6 min with the lid over the pan.
·      Then open the pan and flip the balls over to allow the topside to cook.
·      They will get a fine crisp coating on top.
·      Set on serving platter and decorate with cashew halves, if desired – I merely did that for some good pictures.
Enjoy this gourmet, healthy and low caloric snack anytime.
Thanks again Archana for giving me this opportunity to be a guest on your blog. Love, Priya

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June 30, 2012


  1. A totally new & unique dish..Looks good!!! Hopping over to Archanas now :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

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  6. Unique dish,healthy and yummy appetizer.

  7. checked archana's blog and loved these yum looking balls ;

  8. Delicious recipe, looks so inviting.

  9. This is a smart idea making it in the kuzhiappam pan. Will try it.


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