Super Quick Sambar Sadham

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Super Quick Sambar Sadham
This is a one pot meal and i make this when I am running out of ideas or don’t want to make a veggie and a dal separately! My quick gun Murugan recipe J

The kids love it, we love it and it is healthy, wholesome and absolutely yummy – The power of the pressure cooker – I am sharing with you a poem I wrote a while ago in ode to my pressure cooker –
My Pressure Cooker
My precious cooker
You are by no means a looker
All brown and spotty
Blowing up when you’re naughty
You’ve helped me put out food
The feedback’s usually very good
I understand your loud fussy cry
You are on fire, no wonder why!
Your bottom is lit up
In your belly a boiling cup!
Quite unlike a diabolic dynamite
Whose single strand of hair stands upright!
When set ablaze
Your fate you embrace
Your reactions more demure
What you cannot cure, you endure
I have no heart to throw you out
Even if you have a broken snout
Please accept my gratitude
And show me no attitude
You were made to rock
So quit the back talk
You are in it for the long haul
I promise to answer your every call
Now get to work, you old grouch
While I key this in, on the couch
–Priya Mani
My Super quick recipe
1 cup toor dal (pre-soaked for 30 minutes)
1 heaped tablespoon of Suvaiyana Sambar Powder
1-1/2 cups of rice
½ a red onion
1 can of diced tomatoes
Frozen veggies – peas and carrots and beans
2 tbsp butter
Curry leaves, cahsews and mustard to garnish
Secret ingredient for this batch
1 habanero chili
4 cups of water
Salt to taste.
Gently sautee the rice and veggies in 1 tsp of ghee
Add the dal
Place in a vessel and pressure cook 4-5 minutes after the rocker starts making noise
Once it is cool, remove from pressure cooker
Use masher to get it all nice and mushy
Splutter mustard, curry leaves in a tsp of butter and add to the mix
Melt butter or use ghee to pour (the rest of the ghee that is required for this recipe) on top and garnish with Cashews
I cannot tell you how much the habanero pepper enhanced the taste of this dish!

SQ sambar saadhum

Day 7 and the final post of the week long blogging marathon initiated by Srivalli

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March 10, 2011


  1. Sambar Sadam looks inviting…
    The Pressure Cooker poem is funny, naughty, very nice. Love it.
    Seriously, very well said, all the emotions about Pressure Cooker. Thanks for Sharing…
    It did put a smile on my face before bedtime. :-)

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  2. ahahaha!
    very lovely poem about your pressure cooker.

    & your dish looks great!
    i actually thought it was oatmeal by the small "preview" picture in the dashboard, ooh was i surprised!
    this sounds even more delicious (:

  3. Thats cute poem on cooker..I love the sambhar rice looks so perfect i make a similar version..

  4. Not only your poem rocks you too rock. Great recipe.

  5. Simple n delicious…

  6. I loved your poem,sounds very nice..:)
    You should try sending that to prestige or hawkins,wat say??
    and coming t rice,it is really a time saver and one pot meal…looks yumm

  7. That;s a cute poem on the cooker. Really, that thing is surely the most under rated. As for the sambar saadam, it looks super delicious and yummy :)

  8. Omg, fingerlicking sambar sadham, mouthwatering, love sambar saadham with potato chips..

  9. i love sambar rice…really very simple n quick to make

  10. Ooo dear pressure cooker..please accept my gratitude too..My fav lines " have no heart to throw you out,Even if you have a broken snout
    "..Sooo true..I have mine since 2006!!
    Coming to sambar rice it looks yummy and comforting..

  11. this poem shows how attached are you with your cooker :-) Infact not a single day passes when I don;t use it.
    Looks delicious

    Hamaree Rasoi

  12. Very delicious saadam. Nice poem.Enjoyed reading it..

  13. Super pics n poem and delicious recipe…

  14. Great poem.. its funny and very honest actually.. cooker will be excited… nice.. and sadham is just perect.

  15. Lovely poem….and sambar sadam look yummy and my fav….

  16. Love the pressure cooker song, so funny, I was reciting them to my hubby!
    Priya, thanks a lot for this recipe, I was longing to make this dish since a long time, Had real fun from Chennai having these bissibelle bath!

  17. Sambar sadham looks sooooooooooo yummmmy… I just love to eat it anytime…
    The poem also to go with it..Wow!

  18. nice poem and super fast sambar rice!!

  19. lovely ode to your pressure cooker priya..:)

    and a delicious recipe :)

  20. Hi priya!!! Pressure Cooker poem is simply superb!!!
    Sambar Saadam is my all time fav!!!! Never lets me down recipe!!!! I really feel hungry cing ur sambar saadam!!!!

  21. Looks delicious ….very temtping

  22. I'm not sure which I love the most. The Ode or the sambar recipe. I love this version too much.

  23. Lovely sambar sadham.. and yes you can send in your entry for past is present event still, I extended the deadline upto march 15th

  24. Wow! you are an amazing writer and loved your poem! I cannot think cooking dal with out pressure cooker! Yummy sambhar rice!

  25. wow yummy sambhar rice and my fav:)
    Cooker poem is very fummy and naughty :)

  26. Delicious sambar sadam. Amma used to make it.

  27. Sambar Rice is also my goto dish!….Its a perfect comfort food too!…some chips, some avakaya…yummyumm!
    Nice poem too….love it!
    Smitha's Spicy Flavors

  28. Looks very delicious…Your have nice and lovely blog…Please visit my blog when you have time…

  29. Nice poem. Thanks for sharing the quick recipe.

    Looks yummy and deliciou

  30. Priya, You're so talented! You're not only a great cook, but you can also add poet to your resume. Your sambar sadham reminds me of a good risotto. It's looks so creamy and delicious.

  31. Poem is super funny and cute. Sambar saadam looks filling and delicious. It was fun running the marathon with you Priya. Hope to do it again very soon. Enjoy your weekend.

  32. loved the poem! gosh you wrote a poem for a dear old cooker…Sambar sadam any time! bring it on 😉

  33. Hi…Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) this dish looks absolutely delicious !

  34. I absolutely love this , yours looks absolutely yummy!


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