Sweet Potato Kofta

Sweet Potato Kofta
Kofta has always been a No No anytime I’ve been to a restaurant because the only kind you get is the “malai” koftas, meaning – cream koftas – They are heavy, lumpy and doughy and even in the very best restaurants are either over soaked and soggy, melting into the sauce OR you have the kinds that never soak and are hard and tasteless that stand alone, unrelenting.  And then over the past year that I’ve been blogging, I have seen some memorable koftas that have inspired me to come up with this one.
SPK 16 pita
Definition of Kofta from the Oxford Dictionary
noun (plural same or koftas)
•   (in Middle Eastern and Indian cooking) a spiced meatball.
From Urdu and Persian, literally ‘pounded meat’
SPK12 saucy
Look how far we have come from its actual meaning if we have wholly adapted this dish to a vegetarian palate
SPK15 bawlz
To the best of my knowledge these are deep-fried and soaked into hot sauce/gravy
So the kofta served by itself, is rather like a cutlet, along with a pita, a falafel and served with gravy the kofta curry we know so well to be an Indian gourmet dish.
SPK14 bawlz
Things that I like about my kofta
1)    I used a healthy substitute to the usual potatoes by using sweet potatoes
2)    I liked using Garbanzos for a fiber and low fat factor
3)    I did NOT deep fry it and that did NOT compromise on the taste an iota
4)    My gravy was just as healthy in that I used my standard gravy companions onion and tomato with chilies and some spices – adding NO cream whatsoever getting that creamy texture by cooking the veggies first and adding no more than 8-10 pieces of cashews. The end result was immensely pleasing and I felt mighty triumphant that I had made Kofta (finally!)  in my home and realized how cinchy it is to make it.
   But it would be remiss of me to not give credit to my new dippy pan that has inspired me to make several wonderful preparations.
I encourage you to try this combo at home and see for yourself how incredibly tasty these come out.
Off to the recipe
SPK8 mash
SPK7 mash
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3 sweet potatoes
1 can of garbanzo beans (drained and washed)
1 or 2 Green chilies – to taste
1 Red chili
Cilantro – 1tbs crushed
Sage, cilantro, rosemary or other herb of choice- 2 leaves
About 1tsp of oil (optional)
Mustard seeds (optional)
Cumin seeds (optional)
2 tsp of Suvaiyana Chennai curry powder
SPK3 pan
SPK2 closeup
SPK1 closeup
Cook and mash the sweet potatoes
In a food processor, add washed and drained garbanzos and make a crumbly powder
Preheat pan,  add the oil and splutter mustard and cumin seeds
Add the chilies, herbs and the curry powder to the oil followed by the mashed sweet potatoes
Add the crumbled garbanzo
Add the salt (optional)  and mix all the ingredients well
This mixture should be soft but thick now
SPK13 bawlz
SPK14 bawlz
SPK11 saucy
Get the pan ready by placing it on low heat
Add some nonstick spray to the holes and ½ tsp of oil in each slot
I used an ice cream scoop to dole out the mix into the holes
SPK10 saucy
Let the one side brown and gingerly flip over and brown the other side as well
Wait for it to get well cooked on both sides before removing from the slots
You can serve this as stand alone patties or cutlet dish with some raw onions and ketchup
You can use it as a Falafel and stuff into a pita and sink your teeth in verily
Or you can make kofta &curry with it, which was my original intent
Sweet Potato Koftas
For the sauce, simple sauté 1 big red onion and 1 can of diced tomato with required amount of spices (clove, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, red chilies, garlic (optional) and about 10 cahsews.
Let it simmer and cool before grinding
Pour the sauce in the desired serving bowl and then arrange the koftas in the sauce.
Serve with naan or rotis
SPK9 saucy
Now Serving with love (:

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August 19, 2011


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