The 7 Question Tags

The 7 Question Tags
Thank you Krithi of Krithi’s Kitchen and Sobha Shyam of Good Food for tagging me in this 7 question link about my blog.  No bias here, but it was really tough to pick certain categories, esp the one that I most proud of since I actually put my heart and creativity in trying many new recipes. Most of you know that I like to think outside the box and love the fuse wonderful ingredients in ways that also make for a cross cultural fusion cuisine.
Nevertheless, I have picked a few (more than 1 in certain categories, please don’t mind)

1)The Most Beautiful Post
For this I was torn – there are several that could fit this category, but I ended up picking
The Fresh Fruit Tart and my Strawberry Curd Pancake

Fresh Fruit tart1

Strawberrry Curd Pancake

Category 2: The most “popular” post

If I judge the popularity of my posts based on the number of comments it received, then I would have to pick The Rose Malai and my Baklava Posts



Category #3 – None I hope

Category # 4 Most helpful Post
I picked these
Mayan heirloom Squash
How to layer a Lazagna
Zucchini blossom Bhajis 
Stuffed & Baked Patty Pans

Picnik collage

Category #5 Suprisingly Successful Posts

I chose my Strawberry Payasam &  Spicy peanut balls posts


Category #6 The Post that did not get the attention it deserved – I think many of my earlier posts can fit this category quite well :) I realize now what I did not know then -that to get more comments on one’s page, one must make the effort to go and comment on others blogs :)

But here are the posts I would say deserved more attention were two extremely healthy recipes!

Category # 7 The One I am most proud of …
This one’s a doozy since I like to think outside the box and try to be as creative with my recipes as possible


Kaju Almond Vadais/Falafels

collage 6

Colagge 5

Collage 4

Some of these collages are purely because I have recently learnt to make them and could not resist

Here are some fellow bloggers I’d like to tag for showcasing their recipes
Adios Amigas

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August 30, 2011


  1. Your collage is so good and loved going thru your out of box recipes very much Priya.

  2. Mouth-watering…………….!!!! goooooooooooood!!!!

  3. wow..That's a lovely collection of yummy recipes..Thanx for tagging me in the game,will surely try n participate..

  4. This post is a nice bunch of goodies grouped together and makes me drool…

  5. All the dishes looks irresistible!

  6. nice reading abt the posts u r proud of !

  7. its nice to see your recipes…strawberry payasam n Laal paneer are my fav…really whole wheat pizza is very innovative idea n pizza looks so good Priya…drooling on your recipes…thank you so much Priya for the tag and i have posted my links too..plz checkout my space :)

  8. it's really interesting to look at all these, yes, that fruit tart looks awesome.. infact i think this challenge is really good for us and readers to look back at some of our achives, i just did mine last week.

  9. Hi Priya! What a collection!! Love the pictures and of course the irresistible collages! Love going through all the recipes again and again.

    Thanks for tagging me. Will surely participate.

  10. This post was a good read and I loved going through your favorite dishes.

  11. Your choices are so delicious looking! No wonder you had trouble selecting just a few! Thanks for thinking of me again to participate!

  12. wow…all ur dishes look yum and nice….and this is a tough Tag :)…I am not sure if I can do this :)

  13. Voow!!!! food festival….:)

  14. Loved the posts priya,thank u so much for remembering me and tagged in the game…

  15. Wow! All the best recipes..a treat indeed..

  16. Love the array of yummy dishes…they are absolutely inviting and sort of making me hungry now:). Now if you cld please send some of those for me to taste, I promise I'll absolutely comment:).

  17. MArvellous choices Priya, looks wonderful..keep rocking gal..

  18. Loved your links…I have to try your Cashew Falafels…they are still on my bookmarked list..

  19. what a wonderful collection of recipes and accomplishments! kudos! and thanks for the link up 😀

  20. Excellent display of all the decadent dishes. Iam feeling hungry now :) Falafels are so yummy.

  21. Wow, thats sure an amazing collection of recipes, liked all the posts, apt for each category dear..

  22. This must ve been a challenge! But you have chosen well!!

  23. hi Priya,
    I see you have been busy creating new items everyday. Baklava looks yummy and makes me droll..Very proud of you, lots of work.. Keep up the good work. Redrice&quinoa ah.pums,idlis also looks very tempting….


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