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Sindhi Koki
All right y’all, it is officially pelting down ice and I am waiting anxiously for my older kids to come home – early dismissal – I am unable to pick them up because the little one is down for a siesta and would panic if I was not here when she awoke – Murphy’s law – just when you think you can sneak out for a few minutes is when the little one’s antenna perk up and pick up mom leaving signals (sigh)
But rather than pace around the house, I decided that I will treat my kiddos when they come home wet and cold to a delicious lunch/snack, call it what you will.

And for those onion lovers, you know it makes any dish taste better – well, mostly. Kokis came to mind. These are decadently delicious chappatis that the Sindhis make for breakfast and serve with dahi and wheat halwa. I dispensed with the halwa part right away… Kokis are made with pure ghee where the atta or dough is kneaded in ghee. A family friend who is Sindhi told us that their day started off with a good dollop of wholesome ghee… well, those days are long gone, I think?

I have enjoyed these plentifully during my Delhi days and I have tried to make it a few times in the past, but I think this healthier version turned out best. So here we go

 Prepares in 15-20 minutes
2 cups of multigrain atta (available at the India store –
1 big red onion
1/2 cup of cut or crushed cilantro
4-5 green chillies
4 tsp of olive oil
a dash of herb de provence and a little thyme


I don’t like my onions raw mostly, so i sauteed slightly in a tsp of olive oil

Add the oil, salt, herbs and chillies & the lightly fried onions to the batter
Knead the dough like you would for I want to say pakodas a little loose or oodhiri – this means use very little water and keep checking to see if you can make a ball…
Once this is done, go ahead and roll the balls out like you would chappatis –
Cook both sides on the pan and serve hot with yogurt
A couple of tips: Serve these up with dark brown sugar or jaggery and yogurt – THey are to die for since the three combined satisfy your tastebud’s requirement for sweet, salty, hot, and sour
Tip 2 is just to keep the fun of decadence and not feel guilty at all, I crushed about 10 cashews and kneaded it into the dough –
Presented to you with love!


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January 30, 2011


  1. sounds and looks good.
    btw, except global foods what other big supermarkets you know around for international food? thanks

  2. Kokis looks healthy and great..

  3. have never tried sindhi cuisine looks very interesting have to try!

  4. wow, that is a new recipe and sounds good. And, I so now what you mean that babies wake up when we try to sneak out 😉

  5. A differenz recipe indeed. Never heard of or tasted before. Bookmarked it – wud try sometime for sure…


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