Vegetables Au Gratin (Dieters Version)

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Vegetables Au Gratin (Dieters Version)

We all love our cheese! Let’s admit it, unless we have some major allergies to dairy, which often still does not apply to cheese. While being touted as a good source of protein cheese tends to be more of a fat source!  Not trying to go all preachy on you since I am as culpable as the next person in liking this darned thing!  But new year resolutions kicked in a month later for me and I am trying to be good about what goes into my mouth and into my stomach. I am adhering so far to the NO-Fry February,  with which also goes more veggies, less grains and all that jazz.

All the recipes that I call my own, is most often just put together! As I have often said, if you put of bunch of things you like together, chances are you will like the outcome of it just as well. And quoting myself again (coz I am so good like that) I also restate that recipes are mere guidelines always subject to personalization.

So here is my recipe
1 8x9x4 deep baking dish  
Makes about 8 generous portions

About a dozen Baby carrots split length wise1 medium cauliflower cut/snapped into daily big florets1/2 box of baby spinach (about 3 cups)2 zucchinis cut in cubes1 can of Campbell’s low sodium Mushroom soup1can of Campbell’s cream of celery 1cup of shredded cheddar
Flavoring Guidelines

2 dry red peppers crushed1tbsp of pesto powderSaltFresh ground pepper


Set oven to 350 deg FBroil on high the veggies for about 10 minutes or until the tips of the veggies are turning brownRemove from ovenIn a deep baking dishSpray the bottom with olive oil Add half the grilled veggiesFrom either can ladle out the soup in chunks around the pan over the veggiesUse half of the flavoring ingredients Now add the rest of the veggies I separated mine so it felt like different layersAnd repeat process with second can of soup and flavoringNow add the cheeseBake for about 25-30 minutesServe with Bread


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February 16, 2014

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  1. looks very creamy n healthy…


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