Veggie-Infused Phulkas or Chappatis (Indian tortilla) – An innovative twist to a most popular dish :)

Veggie-Infused Phulkas or Chappatis (Indian tortilla) – An innovative twist to a most popular dish :)
So Chappatis/phulkas with a twist – You have your veggies, goodness of garlic and other herbs and carbs in one go – Isn’t that a sweet deal :)

As you can see, I am on a roll here (pun intended :) For those who saw my recent blog on phulkas, Indian flat bread, you will know that I recently mastered the art of phulka making and am mighty proud and psyched by it. Enough to say that I decided I will try to be a bit more creative with it. It really helps to have a fussy 2 yr old – She LOVES chappatis and other dry finger foods, but to make her eat her veggies in their actual form has been a bit of a challenge – She does like some veggies and will have them without a fuss – but I reckoned that if i were to somehow insert the veggies into her “liked” food, she would have it so long as the taste does not change too dramatically. We do this even with her Vitamins – just crush them and add to her cereal and juice. 

I always grind the carrots and tomatoes and use that as the base for her upma, which too she likes, although she often says no – no umpa even as she is opening her mouth for a bite of it :)
For those friends who may not understand the difference between phulkas and chappatis, they are both made of whole wheat flour in exactly the same way, except, phulkas are semi cooked on a pan and then transferred on to open fire for the final puffing up – And too, phulkas usually do NOT have any ghee/butter or oil.
Here is my recipe – Again one of those quickie ones – I made about 20 start to finish in 45 minutes.
In Words
2-1/2 cups of whole wheat flour/atta
The strained juice of 2 carrots and one large tomato
3 cloves of garlic
2 sprigs of rosemary
1/2 tsp of turmeric
1/2 of any curry powder/or spice
In less than a tsp of olive oil, lightly sautee the garlic and rosemary and other spices to get rid of any raw tastes. Add to the veggies and blend

Strain out the pulp from the veggies into a bowl
To whatever amount of juice you get, add sufficient amount of flour – I added 2 and a half to the numbers of veggies I’ve used.
Knead well and make lemon sized balls
Roll out
Keep the Tawa or pan ready
Place one rolled out phulka on it and cook slightly on both sides.
Remove the pan from the fire
Holding the pan with the left hand (or right hand if you are a lefty) transfer the chappati on to the open fire (see pic below) 
Allow it to puff up, then transfer into a contatiner
Serve hot with favorite veggies and dal  – which I will be blogging after this one. Serve with Love :)
In Pictures

 The Veggies

 The spices

 In the blender, chopped


 The juice


And some more

 Roll into balls

 Roll out

 On the Tawa or pan

 On the flame, small puff

 getting bigger and…

 Viola and Presto! there you have it – a blow by blow pictorial demo :)


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January 21, 2011


  1. Definitely a healthy twist,chappathis looks soo great and yumm!

  2. perfect phulkas! loved the veggie infusion twist to it 😉

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! Nice to meet yu and your vibrant space here :) Will look forward to your puttu for the Kerala Kitchen cooking event!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and leading me to yours! Wow, that phulka looks delicious…the puffed photo has me craving a bite! How great that you can incorporate veggies into these…I should have started that with my daughter 20 years ago!!!

  5. Good idea to include veggies! you sneaky mom:))V ate mooli paratha and sweet potato paratha and liked it!

  6. Good innovative way to prepare phulkas with the veggie twist to it… Loved to see step by step instructions for phulkas bt still i have not yet mastered the art of it.. My phulkas don't puff at all. :-( well… after visiting this post again got the kick to try it out once more.. Thanx for the inspiration…

  7. That is indeed an innovative idea.. cool.. hey btw, what event is going on your blog?

  8. Thank you so much for dropping by my space..This one is such an amazing phulka..Blended with all the goodness of the veggies.. Yumm..

  9. Great idea to get toddlers to go for veggies,your pictorial is smart,,keep it up.

  10. Great step by step demo of a healthy and innovative recipe!
    Loved the colors that you put in, in the otherwise simple phulkas that we usually prepare..
    Thanks for dropping by, loved meeting you, you have an amazing collection of mouth watering and creative recipes here!
    And yes, lastly loved the Key ingredient:-P
    Have a wonderful day:-)

  11. Loved the twist in the paratha.I used to boil carrot,mash it and mix in the atta and make paratha

  12. That's another way to do it, Varunavi, except I find that it changes the taste and the texture considerably enough to notice the difference – I still do that though .. but trying other ways of skinning the cat!

  13. Thanks for stopping by Priya.Liked this phulka tutorial a lot!

  14. i make this too when i am making a veegie stock and the strained vegetables get a perfect makeover ! looks swell !

  15. Wow, A very healthy pulka, I love pulkas (actually I make chapatis for my family but I eat only Pulkas), I have made with different vegetables, but never used Garlic and onions the way you have done :), I will give this a try sometime soon! looks so colourful

  16. Wow Priya, first time here. Your recipes are amazing and I love your Intro!
    The phulka has always been a tough challenge to me however well i make the dough. My rotis turn hard. What is the best atta I can use which v get in the US.


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