Suvaiyana – some “flavorful news”

Ever wondered why or how sad and happy tidings ride on each other’s coat tails? Well, as a firm believer in a power far superior to mankind, I am deciphering for myself, what millions already have, that such is life, perhaps?  We ride the constant tide of joy, sadness, fear, confidence, extreme engagement or boredom and at times being alive or gone!  A year ago my brother-in-law was diagnosed with the most diabolic of all cancers, that of the pancreas. He fought the good fight with the strong support of his wife (who put her all to being sole caregiver), friends and family, but succumbed earlier this week. Thank you to all who showed your support and love on my Facebook post of this news. your messages were a source of greatest comfort.

In the meantime, in my personal life that same year I came up with my new entrepreneurial venture Suvaiyana LLC. Literally meaning flavorful, Suvaiyana will be my outlet for gourmet chutneys and spices. These will be available at the City Market on most Saturdays during the market season starting Saturday April 11 (tomorrow) and shortly at the local Whole Foods Market of Charlottesville. I will apprise you of the WF’s launch in a new post.  – with the staunchest support my beautiful and generous children, especially my precious Samyuktha, who has helped me creatively and physically through this process completely and the family I was born into – In particular my brothers Mur (and family) who put up with my bumbling, antsy new entrepreneurship and was an exemplary host, Shyama who got me started with some fabulous spices from the home of spices- Kerala- and my most loving brother Hids who has been my been an ardent and constant fan and has seen in me potential I have often failed to recognize.  And my darling sister Gow who visited me when I was in India and gave me the much needed shot in the arm to surge forth with my ideas. And all my other sibs, nieces and nephews who have been encouraging of my ideas.

I save my last thanks for two of the biggest influences in my life. My husband who has stood shoulder to shoulder with me not just in everything I do, but as a parent and partner – he is my pillar of strength and support without whom I would never dare to try many of the crazy ideas I have. And my mom whose spirit and love guide me in just about everything I do. Suvaiyana is my homage to her because thanks to her I knew and experienced the full potential of flavorful.

Most importantly thanks to all my customers at the city market, the city markets beautiful ladies Stephanie and Lucy for giving me the market opportunity and in particular my co-market vendor, Corey, who thought my products good enough and needed to be  in a big Corporate like Whole Foods.Market –

SUVAIYANA’S Introductory Product Line 




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