Sweet and Beet Samosa

Sweet and Beet Samosa

Rather than make the usual potato based samosas, I decided to get to of my most favorite veggies, sweet potatoes and beetroots together to make this universally favorite and known Indian appetizer. You know you’ve created a winner recipe when you kids cannot keep their hands of the food – It took a lot to keep them away from the samosas at least until I got a chance to photograph it – I feel like this cruel mom when i do this, the kids understand the long-term value of this short but excruciating wait, I hope :)
Tomorrow is Varalakshmi pooja day – when Goddess Lakshmi who epitomizes wellness and prosperity is welcomed into our home and propitiated with sweet and salty offerings by way of food; flowers and a garland of mantras. I am so happy this festival comes in the summer when my daughters are not in school and it can be treated as a very special occasion, often more than even Deepavali when it is business as usual unless it falls on a weekend.

With no garlic or onion, this is a good recipe to consider making for festive occasions. Trust me you will be hooked on these samosas if you get a chance to make it or have it made by your help.

I have a picture gallery of the recipe – pretty self explanatory – at least for the stuffing.

Ingredients for the Dough

1 cup AP Flour
2 tbsp Sooji or cream of wheat (slightly coarse)
1/2 cup of warm water
1/2 tsp salt
2tbsp olive oil

Mix the dry ingredients and add the oil and mix – Add water slowly making sure you only use as much as you need to make a non-pasty, firm but soft & fine dough. Pinch into 5-6 balls.

For the veggie stuffing – sweet potatoes, beetroots, green chilies, salt –

Steam the sweets and beets.
Strain or dab off any excess water
Mash the sweets
Grate the beets
chop the chilies finely add the salt
In a pan add 1 tsp of oil and the veggies and cook for a couple of minutes

Prepare the dough and roll the pinched balls into 5-6 inch wide tortillas/chappatis
Cut right through the centre dividing them into 2 half moons
Wet the corners with a touch of water and fold to create a cone.
Press ends together to make sure they stick well.
Now spoon in the stuffing, pushing it into the cone tightly.
Fold the dough over the stuffing and close the ends by pinching them together.
Deep fry in fresh oil.
Serve with dip of your choice – I did with some homemade sweet& spicy tomato jam which i have yet to blog about.

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